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Mobile Invoicing: Why Should You Go For It?

Gone are the days when you have to pen down paper scraps of invoice sheets to bill your clients or customers, then print them all out, mail and watch the AP department go through the stress of waiting until the payment arrives.  Further, a research survey has revealed that the average cost of each paper-based invoices with errors usually add up to at least $50.

What is Mobile Invoicing?

Suitably, digital banking solutions are a faster alternative for business merchants and organisations to settle payments without constant drain would be mobile invoicing.

Mobile invoicing allows you to produce tailor-made invoices, send them out electronically and manage or track its status through inbuilt time tracking widgets. The method is usually processed through online invoicing software downloaded on the smartphone.

Why Should You Go For It?

There are various reasons as to why freelancers, small businesses and large firms should make an effort to invest in online invoicing platforms and avoid the pressure of time-consuming manual data entry every time a payment is made. Since companies are exposed to a fast-moving environment, there may be a chance of their invoices being misplaced or lost. This can greatly hinder your business performance not just for you but as your clients.

  • Seamless Search and Workflow

You don’t have to spend hours combing through paper sheaves to get a particular invoice done. With a mobile invoice app, you can navigate through the process easily and simply run a particular invoice number on a search bar to pull it out.

  • Manage Everything Together

The mobile invoice service has pioneered as a cloud storing system where all the client information can be retrieved through one central location. Additionally, there are platforms designed with ready-to-use invoice templates where you can customise the document in whichever way you like suiting to your brand image and guidelines. Also, be able to send friendly payment reminders if they pass the due date.

  • More Unique Features

Mobile invoice apps contain a lot of unique functions that help with visuals and don’t cost a penny for downloading, to begin with. As far as keeping track of your invoice progress even though a smartwatch, you can create these invoices in the language you speak, include currency rates that you were transacting with and send estimates for other prospective business projects.

  • Save Money and Time

Online invoicing software can help you cut down a plenty of time and money that goes for ink, printing and documenting these invoices in separate files manually. There’s also the handling of post mail expenses to get the invoices to your clients. So, to prevent all these unnecessary costs, shifting to an evolving mobile invoice ecosystem seems an ideal solution to stay ahead and remain competitive in the tech market.

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