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Mother Nature’s Bounty: What You Can do While Out in the Wild

The United States is one of the most beautiful landmasses in the world. There are about 77 million acres of forested land managed by the Department of Agriculture. Some of these places are open to the public to visit and maybe do some outdoor activities. If you’re planning to engage in a more outdoor lifestyle, you can start visiting these places. You can do many things while you’re outdoors, but first, let’s go through the benefits of such a lifestyle.

The Green and Healthy World

It has been long known that our species have lived in the wild longer than we have lived in cities. Our great ancestors have traveled the earth, hunting and sleeping under the night skies. They were out there to survive, and there is still a part of them within us that looks for this kind of adventure. Research regarding this aspect of living is finding connections with overall mood regulation.

Studies have found that those who frequently visit the outdoors are more likely to experience positive emotions than those who stay cooped up in their homes.  It can also reduce stress, make you kinder to people, and even help you increase your self-esteem.

There are a lot of benefits to being out there with nature. It opens your primal senses and activates the long-dormant need to survive. Although it might no longer be the same senses our ancestors have (we lost those senses a long time ago), it’s still there, lingering within us, waiting for us to experience what it means to be in the wild again. Here are some activities that can help you ignite those senses once again.


The first and most important activity on this list is camping. Many Americans frequently go camping. An estimated 40 million Americans go camping every year. Some of these camping trips can last for many days. One of the most frequently visited areas in the US for camping trips is Alaska.

There are many activities you can do while camping in Alaska. One of them is catching one of the most delicious fish in the world: salmon.

Catching Delicious Fish

Salmon live in many of the cold rivers and lakes in Alaska. They are also found in forests and mountainsides. If you find yourself in one of these prime locations, buy some fishing gear and go fishing for salmon. It can be quite fulfilling and satisfying to catch one of these fishes. They are delicious and fatty as well, making them a worthwhile meal while you’re out in the wild.

Catching fish can also be a therapeutic experience. Studies have found that it can reduce stress and also be a great way to exercise. It also teaches a great deal about patience. Teaching your children how to fish can teach them how to wait for something in this fast-moving world. Suppose you want to do something more active while out in the wild, you can go hiking. One of the best places to hike is in the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire.


Hiking is one of the best outdoor activities you can do while out on the trail. It can help you discover various plant and animal life, both of which are abundant in the rugged terrain of White Mountain National Forest. This is the prime location if you want to visit a place that isn’t touched by civilization. It’s the best place just to let yourself enjoy the presence of nature while feeling the soft ground in your feet.

There are many advantages of hiking aside from getting you fit. Hiking can improve your overall mood and leave you positive for days to come. It can also be a great social activity with family and friends. Hiking can also be a training exercise for employees in your company. It can increase social cohesion and make you more open with one another. Don’t miss out on these benefits, and go hiking on your next vacation!

Reading a Book in Solitude

The world is loud, and sometimes that makes it hard for us to concentrate. However, the further away you are from civilization, the most likely you are to experience the quietness of the wild. If you’ve been wanting to finish reading your book for quite some time, consider taking a trip into any of the places we have talked about in this article. Go out camping and finish reading your book. It can be one of the most satisfying things you will do this year.

Sometimes we want to leave civilization and responsibilities behind and be out there in nature. By doing these activities, you can maximize the time you have out there in the wild. And the moment you come back to civilization, you’ll be an entirely different person. So try out these outdoor activities when you can. We promise that you won’t regret any of them.

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