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Pet Parenting Mistakes You Need to Avoid at All Costs

Many pet owners consider themselves as pet parents. They treat their fur babies like their own kids. They are willing to pay for pet products more expensive than their own stuff. According to, up to 94% of American pet owners consider their pets as irreplaceable members of their family. But that does not mean devoted pet parents rarely make mistakes that can have costly consequences.

It is effortless to make slip-ups, especially if this is your first time owning a dog. There’s also the fact that different dogs can have different personalities. Your first dog may be naturally obedient and social, while the next one could be the exact opposite.

To make pet parenting less stressful, the following are examples of pet parenting mistakes everyone should avoid doing.

Skipping Dog Training

There are many reasons why pet parents invest in training dogs in obedience classes. Your newly adopted pet may already be house-trained. But that does not mean your pooch can skip other training, especially after moving to a new environment.

Skipping the classes and simply letting your pooch do everything they want can make them feel like they are the ones leading the pack. You must establish trust with your dog while setting some ground rules. As pack animals, they should know who is supposed to be the leader.

Early dog training can also help prevent your pooch from developing bad habits. This can also help correct certain behaviors that can put them and others in a difficult position. When done positively, dogs will develop discipline while having a blast during training.

Failure to Assess Your Fur Baby’s Activity Needs

Like little kids, dogs can have different activity needs. Some dogs are hyperactive, while others are more chill. Others require just a few simple walks, while others need to exercise more often than other dogs.

There are easy ways to check if your pooch needs more daily exercise. For one, you need to check their breeds. Certain breed types require more exercise than the others.

Aside from their breed type, it is important to assess your pooch’s behavior. Are they often bored, restless, overweight, or looks excited all the time? These are but some signs that show they require more physical and mental stimulation.

Failure to allow dogs to burn all their extra energy can lead to certain behaviors. They may resort to destructive behavior like chewing and knowing almost everything. They may also look depressed or withdrawn.

Indulging Them With Too Many Treats

Many dog parents can’t help but turn to treats in hopes of raising calm and respectful dogs. In reality, this can only harm their health and ruin their training. Remember that too many treats can result in overnutrition.

Another reason not to indulge your pooch with treats is that they will demand their favorite treat just because they want to. There’s a reason why we use treats when training and teaching dogs new tricks. If you always feed them with treats for no reason, treats lose their value as a reward for good behaviors.

Avoid feeding your pooch too many treats by considering their diet. What you feed them already contains the essential nutrients they need to stay healthy. The treats are only a bonus for good behaviors and as training rewards.

Forgetting to Budget Your Dog’s Expenses

Some people think they can get away with costly dog expenses. They feed their dogs with whatever they want and skip trips to the vet and training. But if you want your pooch to stay happy and healthy, always take into consideration their budget.

Aside from their daily food, vitamins, and toys, many other costs are associated with dog ownership. There are extra services for dog walking or sitting, routine vet visits, and training. Emergencies can happen involving your pooch that will require a vet’s special services.

Make sure you budget your dog’s expenses each month. It also helps to set aside extra cash in case they require emergency services. You can even consider getting pet insurance as an extra measure.

Skipping the Recommendations Made by Your Dog’s Vet

Your dog’s favorite veterinarian will recommend a couple of vaccinations and preventive procedures depending on your pet’s needs. You may be having a financial struggle. But this is not enough reason to think your dog’s vet is only after the profit.

Many dogs already fell ill after their owners reject their vet’s recommendations. While some diseases can be treated, it can be tough to determine which ones can make your pooch extremely ill. This is why dog owners should try to keep up with their favorite vet’s recommendations.

Those costly preventive measures can actually save you money in the long run. Heartworm prevention, for instance, can cost up to $250 each year. Heartworm treatment, on the other hand, can cost between $1,000 and $1,5000.

Pet parenting comes with many responsibilities. Since you said yes to pet ownership, you should be willing to give your pooch more than just your love and care. You also ought to consider all the other things pet ownership entails.

Meta title: Pet Parenting Regrets and Ways You Can Avoid Them
meta desc: Many pet parents are guilty of pampering their pets too much while others are disregarding their pet duties. The following list shows things you need to avoid if you want only the best for your pooch.

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