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Pre-Pandemic Activities Everyone Wants to Enjoy Again

The world is slowly lifting lockdown restrictions and reopening again, but the pandemic has left an indelible mark on society. Gone are the days where we can just go outside and talk with friends carefree. Now, there’s more awareness and wariness, wearing masks ‘just to be sure’ and constantly washing our hands. This isn’t particularly a bad thing, but it’s a far cry from how the world used to be.

And maybe that’s what’s so shocking about the sudden change all over the world. Life now is very different from what it was. Many common actions are now made complicated, and many normal activities aren’t encouraged anymore. Here’s a list of common pre-pandemic activities that everyone misses and wishes that we can do it again.

Going to the Movies 

Even though home theaters are starting to become commonplace in a lot of households, nothing beats going to the movies with friends or family to enjoy a long-awaited blockbuster. The collective experience of watching a film and then talking about it after is just different from just watching it from home and then discussing it on online platforms. And of course, movie snacks hold a special place in our memories, too.

Attending Friends’ and Family’s Birthday Parties

While clever, drive-by parties can’t replace the social stimulation and fun of real parties. Everyone misses going to a friend’s house without a care in the world, simply intent on having as much fun as possible. As the pandemic wanes, and more people get the vaccine, perhaps we can attend parties and drink with our friends once again.

After-work Hangout with Friends

When we self-quarantine happened, we lost one good thing we always looked forward to at the end of the day: a couple of drinks at the bar with some friends. It isn’t just that we always had to be drinking our stress away, it’s that we had the opportunity to express our problems to our friends. Now that many of us are working from home, a quick chat or a text message from our best friends sometimes just doesn’t cut it, and we feel a bit more lonely by the day.

Family Reunions

Let rsquo;s admit it. Back then, we weren’t too keen on family reunions. We’d avoid visiting grandparents in nursing homes or facilities, escape the aunts and uncles during family gatherings, and generally try to evade the awkwardness of being around family. But many of us realized that family is still family, they’re people we used to spend a lot of time with. Now, everyone’s excited for the next reunion, wanting to see their new niece or nephew or hug their grandparents. It’s the people in our lives we miss the most.

Attending Live Sports Events

Sports bring a lot of us together. Cheering for our favorite team alongside strangers who share our passion makes us feel that we are not alone. It also makes wins and losses feel more impactful when shared with others. The overwhelming feeling of thousands of people gathered together to support a team, partnered with the memories everyone forms with their friends and family simply cannot be replicated from home.

Travel Overseas

The jet-setters in us are parked indefinitely during this pandemic, and our feet are itching to explore new places all over the world. For now, we have to hold back the longing for a fresh perspective, the thrill of unfamiliar terrain, and the wonder of experiencing different cultures. Our next trip overseas will surely be memorable, and we’’ definitely make the most of it.

Going to Important Appointments

With a pandemic suddenly leaping on the world, everyone’s schedule is drastically put to a halt. Appointments, even important ones, like going to the doctor, getting an official ID, or getting a haircut are all canceled till further notice. To some people, this is a minor inconvenience, but for those applying for legal documents or need medical attention, this has a major effect on their life. Hopefully, the world returns to normal soon so everyone can attend to their requirements.

On-Site Shopping

Going to shops or malls isn’t too inviting anymore because of online shopping, but just the experience itself is something that we are fond of. Just hanging out with a friend, going on a date, or even window shopping is quite nostalgic, especially during the holiday season. Seeing Santa Claus, the pretty lights and huge decorations, and all the other holiday vibes that we experienced as children, is something that the kids of today are missing out on.

Everyone wants the world to go back to normal. Fortunately, we’re starting to see developments in the medical industry, with vaccines being developed and administered. We can expect to return to normal soon, and go back to enjoying these activities just as we once did.

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