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Problems That Can Be Handled by a Chiropractor Without Use of Any Medication

Some injuries like acute lower back pain or a sudden injury you get during jogging might not require you to seek pharmaceutical help to ease the pain. Most of your musculoskeletal worries can only be solved by patient-centered care and modern technologies that a chiropractor uses. Middletown, DE chiropractor, Dr. Sheehan, and his team of professionals specialize in many musculoskeletal problems including joint disorders, neck pain, and spine-related conditions. The professionals’ team strives to relieve their patients’ symptoms naturally with gentle pulses, improving their quality of life.

The services offered at the facility include: 

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic works on a primary principle that the relationship between your body’s physical structures and how they function affects your health. Opting for chiropractic care for your musculoskeletal issues will naturally ease you from pain and help you lead a comfortable life. One of the reasons patients with spine or joint problems choose chiropractic care is that the therapy’s experts specialize in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal issues. Rather than masking your symptoms with medication and surgical procedures, a chiropractor will focus on the underlying cause of your pain through a holistic conservative approach.

Your doctor will take you through a series of gentle alignments during a chiropractic adjustment, moving your vertebrae in position. Your provider may decide to use the PulStar system while adjusting your spine. The system is an advanced technology that your doctor uses to detect particular areas of your spine that respond to gentle impulses to enable him to know where precisely to exert pressure.


If you have been in a rear-end car collision, you must have had your neck or head move rapidly back and forth. You will get a whiplash injury when you are suddenly hit from behind. Due to the unexpected force, your neck’s lower cervical vertebrae become hyperextended backward while your upper cervical vertebrae become hyper-flexed forward.

The neck’s sudden motion damages your muscles, tendons, and soft tissues, causing you to feel pain. During treatment, your doctor will use gentle pulses without cracking or popping to realign your cervical spine. Unlike the conventional treatment alternatives, you will heal faster in a few visits. Your chiropractor may also design a treatment plan that entails electro-stimulation, massage, acupuncture, or therapeutic exercises to ease your symptoms.


Headaches are prevalent and you will likely get one when you are tensed. Usually, headaches are not a sign that you have an underlying condition. However, you need professional help when the throbbing is so severe, affecting your life’s quality. When you contact a chiropractor for your debilitating headaches, he will determine their cause by performing a thorough physical examination to evaluate signs of stress and tension that could be responsible for the pain.

For treatment, the professional will advise you on lifestyle and diet changes to alleviate the symptoms. The doctor could also recommend gentle chiropractic exercises, physical therapy, and corrective exercises that best suit your needs.   

A chiropractor’s services should always come to mind every time you think of a non-pharmaceutical approach to health. Thanks to gentle pulses to realign dislocated joints or bones, you will not need downtime or medication. Whether headaches, sports injuries, or joint problems, contact expert chiropractors today at Pro Rehab Chiropractic and Rehabilitation and talk to your doctor.

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