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Renting Hotel Apartments Is The New Rising Trend With Tourists!

 In the same way as everyone else, even we struggle to find the perfect hotel to stay in while travelling with family, friends, or loved ones. With changing times and advancements, this new form of hotel apartments has been introduced, making the stay relaxing and at ease.

There are many hotel apartment options in Romania, providing their guests and tourists with petite, comfortable, and affordable accommodation. The services provided are high standard with premium experiences for the guests. MRG Apartments can help you with booking the best regim hotelier Bucuresti.

Why Opt For Hotel Apartments While On A Trip?

Due to the changing times and in the era of social distancing, it is considered to be the best option for a quick stay. Choosing accommodation in the likes of a hotel apartment can indeed make a difference. It is an excellent alternative for hotels as it is affordable with a huge difference in the amount. The rooms and accommodation are spacious, and the advantage is that the entire property has well-equipped facilities at your disposal. The hotel-style studio apartments are no less than a hotel room.

The Facilities Provided In A Hotel Apartment Set-Up

The hotel apartment system is very similar to our hotels on our travel journeys. The only difference is that you don’t get room service at the apartment; everything is to be done on your own. Hotel apartments feel like home with the facilities and services provided and everything that you need, such as

Fully functional and equipped kitchen, including cutlery and cooking equipment. The provision of basic tea and coffee prepping ingredients is provided as well.

Comfortable Big Beds In Bright And Well-Lit Rooms

Various electronic gadgets like Smart HD television, Cable TV, Netflix, and Wi-Fi are available.

Provision of bathroom essentials such as clean towels, shampoo, shower gel, lotion, and hairdryer. Other gadgets include iron, home slippers, washing machine, water heating kettle, etc. You ask for it and have it at the regim hotelier Bucuresti by MRG Apartments.

The apartments’ Rooms are designed so that it doesn’t feel any different than a homely experience. A few apartments also offer a balcony that provides a mesmerizing view of the city light at night.

Other Advantages Of Staying In A Hotel Apartment

There are a few other advantages to enjoy when you decide to stay in a hotel apartment and not in a five or seven-star hotel. Metro and bus stations are within walking distance of most of these apartments, making it easy to get public transportation.

The procedure of booking apartments online is quick, easy, and hassle-free. You can find the perfect flats depending on how many people travel together and what they are looking for. Rest assured about all your personal or business trip plans henceforth.


We always try to save as much as possible on a trip, and staying in a hotel apartment can make a massive difference to your entire budget for the trip. You can enjoy other things better with low-budget holidays and enjoy the same luxurious experience as in a hotel room.

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