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Safety Tips When Using Smart Doorbells

Having the luxury to see who’s at your doorstep from your smartphone screen is indefinitely useful. Smart doorbells used to be a niche smart device when it was first introduced, but today, more and more people are investing in one.

Smart doorbells come with an inbuilt camera and are connected to your phone through their respective apps. The way it works is rather simple. Whenever your doorbell rings, you will get an alert sent on your phone, and be able to see and also speak to the person at your door.

Next time you’re walking in your neighborhood, try taking notice of just how many doorbells seem to have lenses on them. With so many brands producing smart video doorbells, you can easily find one that fits your budget.

Some of the more prominent ones are from brands such as Arlo and Nest. If you’re considering investing in one, Google Nest Hello is one of the best ones out there and is in fact very easy to install.

Smart doorbells are an effective way to safeguard your home, especially when you’re aware of a business trip or vacation, as most of them have a remote access feature. However, how do stop unwanted guests from prying into your home Wi-Fi network, in other words hacking your network?

That is why we’ll be sharing how hacking affects your privacy, and some safety tips to keep in mind when you’re using a smart doorbell.

Consequences of Having Your Doorbell Hacked

What exactly happens if your smart doorbell gets hacked? It’s highly likely for you to never realize that it happened, but the risks it poses to your privacy and security are very much of serious consequences.

Device Control

When someone hacks into your doorbell, they will have control over your device. It’s understandably annoying to have your doorbell ring throughout the entire night for some people, however, when it comes to vulnerable and elderly people, this can in fact be a terrifying thing.

Once these hackers have control over your device, they can also access your recording and know when the house was and is empty.


Once your doorbell is hacked, your home network is exploited. Such smart doorbells are a doorway to the entire network in your home. Simply consider all the connected devices in your home and the amount of personal data on them.

And now, think about what if someone had access to all that data? It’s a terrifying thought, isn’t it? Smartphones, laptops, TVs, and other smart home devices are all at risk if your doorbell is hacked into.

How to Protect Your Smart Doorbell from Hackers?

Since there are so many smart doorbells on the market, some have terrible catastrophic security failures. Unless you change them, the doorbell is not going to be that useful. That being said, other vulnerabilities can be avoided if you were to make some changes to your smart doorbell.

Change Your Password

If you weren’t aware, it’s highly recommended to change your smart device passwords frequently. Many people simply never bother changing the default password set in the device, hence making it weak and extremely easy to hack.

Software Updates

Smart devices tend to introduce software updates every once in a while. These software updates beef up the security factor of your device rather than simply introducing new features. If possible, have the auto-update option turned on.

If not, it’s best to check your device for new updates regularly. As a matter of fact, it’s not your smart doorbell itself, you should also check its connected app on your smartphone for any newly available updates.

Two-factor Authentication

An additional layer of security creates another hurdle for potential hackers to have to climb over, and if you have two-factor authentication, it poses a tall hurdle. Basically, this is an extra one-time password that’s sent to your phone whenever you try logging in. It only lasts for a few seconds before you have to request a new one.

Delete Recording and Data

If you don’t require the recordings taken by your smart doorbell, it’s only wise to delete them. This goes for the data saved on cloud servers, which you’re paying an additional subscription for.

If you ever consider getting rid of your smart doorbell, be mindful to restore it to its factory settings, so that all your personal data is deleted.

Switch it off

This sounds like a no-brainer, but we’re very serious. If you feel your smart doorbell is unsecured, simply turn it off. It’s not worth the risk to have a doorbell that’s an easy target for hackers.


Smart doorbells can be a blessing if you follow the safety tips mentioned above. Also, do your research on the kind of smart doorbell you’re thinking of investing in and the brand itself. Lastly, understand the safety features of the doorbell very well before you start using it.

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