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Silver Anniversary: Declaring Your Love on Your Special Day

Being able to spend 25 years with your partner is a celebration in itself. The family you have created, the memories shared over the years, and the irreplaceable happiness of finding your soulmate are all reasons why there is joy in achieving 25 years of marriage. If your silver anniversary is about to come, read on and get some ideas on how you can celebrate this special day despite the pandemic.

Order a Date Night Kit

Going out to celebrate may be hard nowadays, especially when we are in the middle of an outbreak. However, not being able to go to your usual anniversary spot doesn’t mean that you can not celebrate at home. One famous item going around the internet nowadays is a date night kit. It’s practically all the things that you will need on a usual date delivered to you in a box.

Your box may contain activities, recipes, and themed games that you can enjoy with your partner. Some of the biggest names that are offering mail-to-order date kits are Happily and ClubDateBox. They even allow you to customize the box as long as you call a few days before your anniversary.

Camp on Your Backyard

If you are still looking for that outdoor effect but can’t go out, you can set up camp in your backyard and spend the night under the stars. This can be the perfect break from the monotony of everyday routine inside your homes and, at the same time, keep yourselves safe. You can put up a tent or lay out sleeping bags while drinking wine as you enjoy each other’s company.

If you have kids, they will also enjoy the idea of being able to camp out. You can drink hot cocoa and roast marshmallows on a mini campfire. Tell stories about how you met or create new memories with your children as you celebrate your special day.

Set Up a Special Dinner

Most restaurants these days still don’t offer dine-in services. If you love cooking, you can prepare your partner’s favorite dish, but if you are also busy at home because of your work and other household chores, there is nothing wrong with ordering in your favorite take-out. Delivery services are widely available today because of the pandemic, and it will be more convenient and safe for you to stay at home.

Create a Slide Show Presentation

This is the perfect time to go down memory lane. Collect photos, old letters, and snippets of your messages to each other over the years. Aside from PowerPoint office, many applications today allow you to create a slideshow presentation with background music using your mobile phone.

You can play the video once you’re finished with your dinner or even let the kids watch it with you. This is more than just a video presentation; it is also a reminder of how many beautiful years you have spent together.

Buy a Special Gift

If you are the type of husband that’s either “go big or go home,” jewelry is the top choice of gift that you can give your wife. It can be a necklace with her initials, a charm bracelet with all the little things that can remind her of you, or a high-quality diamond ring fit for a silver anniversary.

You can also go old school and write her a letter along with a simple token of appreciation. Flowers served with breakfast in bed are also perfect gift ideas that your wife would surely appreciate. At the end of the day is the heart and thought behind the material thing that matters the most.

Set Up an Online Party

Before, it was easy to plan and execute a party involving your family and the people that are closest to you as a couple. But things are different now, and many of us celebrate important milestones separate from our loved ones. However, there is still a way for you to have fun on your anniversary along with your friends and family.

You can give them a call or send a direct message a few weeks before the set date so that they can clear their calendars. Once you have finished sending out the invitations, all you need to do is facilitate a video conference call on Facebook messenger, Zoom, or Google Meet. You and your partner will be surprised at how much people are happy for you on your anniversary.

The truth is, love is not an easy thing. It takes hard work to keep on choosing the same person every single day. There is beauty in knowing that no matter what happens, you have a partner that you can lean on regardless of any life situation. So whatever the circumstances were are in right now, take the time to celebrate love because you are a living testament of what real commitment should be like.

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