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Some Physical Activities to Avoid If You Have Facet Joint Syndrome 

As we grow older, we tend to lose bone strength and start to develop pain in different parts of the body. Facet syndrome is one of such medical conditions in which the person feels pain in the facet joints. It causes other symptoms including soreness, stiffness, and locking of joints.  Many specialists suggest taking medicines, performing exercises, and physical therapies so that Eugene facet joint syndrome can be relieved.  It should be noted that physical activities should be performed under the supervision of a fitness trainer because not all exercises are good for the patient. Some of the exercises to be avoided are mentioned below:

Leg Lifts

This exercise is not for someone suffering from facet joint syndrome.  In this, the legs are lifted while lying down on the back. It aims to strengthen the lower back and spine. However, this should be avoided if a person is suffering from this medical condition because it puts extra pressure on the spine causing it to experience pain and discomfort.

Crunches and Sit-ups 

In order to lose fats from the lower and upper abdomen, crunches are performed. They also cause strain in the spine because they engage the muscles of the back.  Likewise, sit-ups also cause pain in the back and may even worsen the condition. If you feel that the symptoms are getting adversely affected, you must stop these exercises.

Jogging and Running

If you are suffering from this medical issue and running on hard and concrete surfaces, you are likely to aggravate it. This is because it will cause wear and tear of the spine making it compressed. It is strongly recommended to avoid jogging and running if you are facing problems while doing so.

Toe Touches

This exercise is quite effective for people who want to relax their nervous system. However, in this, the back and spine are stretched and involved. It may worsen the symptoms of facet joint syndrome. That’s why you should avoid performing it completely. You can resume it once the symptoms are relieved and you have regained your strength.


This exercise should be avoided because it involves lifting the weights and the entire pressure is put on the back and spine. The person may get severely injured if he continues to do so.

It is highly recommended to get in touch with a fitness trainer and a healthcare provider. They can suggest the most suitable exercises to perform in this condition. 

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