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Tata Nexon EV – Know Price, Specs, Features & Launch Date

Tata motors ready to launch Nexon in the end of December 2019 and it is second electric vehicle brand after Tiger Ev. The first electric SUV brand that ensures charging technology conventional socket 50 amperes and it is a fast charger. This charger will also allow the owners of nexon EV to charge easily at home. Manufacturers in India is deciding to launch electric vehicles which will really improve the modern technology still Maruti Suzuki is still to launch the product of first electric car within few months.

Launch of Tata Nexon EV

Tata motors still now they have not revealed the launch date but the showrooms are expecting in early of 2020. It is constructed with multiphase equipments and in the first phase this product will launch in New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata and Ahmadabad.

The price of Tata nexon is expected around 15 lacs and it is planned to introduce in one variant initially.

Design of Tata nexon EV

Tata nexon follows the same design differs from distinctive characters SUV. It looks something fresh LED daytime lamp that is projected with the headlines the body is slightly slimmer with newborn at and front bumper design.

The real profile features of nexon SUV is really compact the cabin space also looks like distinctive elements. To signify the zero emission character Tata motors have similar features and some special colors which includes the model of SUV.


Tata nexon expected to introduce with floating 7 inch touch screen infotainment system is connected with apple carplay and Android auto system. This audio system is placed to the regular model apart from a reverse parking camera initiated with push button start and some of the other exciting features also included in this model.

Tata motor expecting to offer and new nexon electric model with 300 km range for a single charge and let us see how the element works during the on road. Since it is introduced with ziptron technology the battery life will be longer and also it charges very fast.

Nexon EV will give you a new mark in the entry of Tata motors and it is one of the electric compact SUV design model in India. Tata nexon electric vehicle will surely become very popular since all the features and the elements are exciting and unique when compared to the other electrical cars by Tata.

Tata motor has witnessed that it will give the best product when compared to tiger electric vehicle. The features of the vehicle are excellent redesigned with new power train ziptron technology and that has delivered 254 NM of maximum torque. The nexon electric vehicles with excellent look like ice powered cousin and the expectations and features are really excellent since it is a multi function touch screen steering vehicle with automatic AC cabin inside. Tata nexon EV is designed with excellent technology let us see the market ratings during the time of launch in India.

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