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The Most Fun Towns To Travel With Friends

Traveling with friends is an incredible way to travel including laughter, anecdotes, complicity (the friendship code indicates that what happens on the trip stays on the trip) and unconditionality. We share some tips to organize a trip with friends (and not die trying!). We remind you that planning, patience, flexibility, and communication are the keys to organizing a trip of this style. And deciding fate is not a minor matter. Here the tastes and interests of each group of friends come into play a lot. Do you want to rest and take a relaxing trip or are you looking for adventurous destinations? Do you prefer the beaches or the mountains? The cold or the heat? Do you prefer big cities or small towns? Staying in a hotel or camping? Relax or party? Other times the destinations also end up choosing for the offers that are in the air. Today we want to share 10 Destinations to travel with friends. Also, a fun thing about these destinations is that you can easily reserve an affordable hotel room for you and your friends at, a site with an extensive number of hotels. The fun always starts from the hotel room

10 Destinations to travel with friends

1) Las Vegas

The world capital of entertainment and pleasure offers guaranteed fun since the options never run out. From casinos such as Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Paris, Venetian, Palazzo (They will not feel they are doing a repetitive walk since they all have unique and exclusive attractions), bowling, shows (such as Cirque Du Soleil) and varied recitals. Make sure to check some awesome hotels like the Luxor, nugget reno, Vdara, MGM and more . You can take a night helicopter flight over the Las Vegas Strip, take a ride on the LINQ High Roller, take a night tour on a convertible bus or visit the Grand Canyon.

Also as the slogan says, “what happens in Las Vegas, stays Las Vegas.” For fun, they can even celebrate a fake wedding in many of the hotel chapels!

2) Amsterdam

In the Dutch capital, you and your friends can have fun touring the city by bicycle, walk through the famous Red Light District and visit one of their coffee shops. Also, a must-see is to live the Heineken experience, an interactive tour that shows the history of beer in an old factory and includes a tasting at the end. When it comes to partying, the most famous area is next to Dam Square, in the center of the city, with bars and nightclubs of all styles. In Amsterdam there is one of the Ice Bar, a bar sculpted in 35 tons of natural ice and kept at -10 degrees Celsius. Interested in staying in a ship? You can stay in one of many Ship Hotels in Amsterdam.

3) Ibiza

It is impossible to go to Ibiza with friends and have a bad time. The island has an international reputation for its nightclubs since its offer is very varied. If you like electronic music you have one of the best known electronic music festivals worldwide.

It is also surrounded by natural scenery and exotic beaches and coves such as Punta Galera, Cala d’Hort or Cala Conta, where you can snorkel. And if you want to combine beautiful landscapes with fun, in Ibiza many parties take place directly aboard the boats!

4)  Rio de Janeiro

The city of Rio offers all kinds of attractions to have fun with friends. The best neighborhood to go out is the colorful and bohemian Lapa. The unquestionable appointment is with samba, the quintessential Carioca music. There are several places where you can attend live music concerts and learn to dance like the famous Carioca da Gema (Av. Mem de Sá 79) or the Rio Scenarium. But if you are looking for the best party in Rio de Janeiro, then you should visit it at the time of the carnival since it is considered the largest and most popular carnival in the world. It is an opportunity to put on a costume or a mask and participate in the Carnival dances and mix with the Cariocas. From the Sambadrome with a parade of floats and samba schools that prepare their performance throughout the year, to parties on the street, in any corner of the city, where the festivities are usually free. They are on holidays at full speed, where break does not exist.

5) Cancun

For those who prefer a few days of rest on the beach, this destination located in southern Mexico is a great option. They can cool off at sea and sunbathe on sun loungers having drinks. And when night falls, they can have fun at parties that last until dawn in different hotels or famous clubs like Coco Bongo or Mandala.

6) Orlando

In Orlando, you and your friends can bring out your inner child. In addition to visiting all its theme parks such as Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, don’t forget to visit ocean animals at SeaWorld, go back to your childhood visiting Legoland Park, a world of Legos, or experience the adrenaline rush in the tremendous HULK roller coaster, in Islands of Adventure.

7) Bali

In Bali, they will have to overcome some traveling challenges such as language, transport or food but they will surely be able to test their friendship by strengthening ties. In addition to the temples that you can visit, it is the perfect place for those who want to learn to surf or to practice water sports between perfect waves and beaches of very fine sand. During the night many street parties are organized in its main avenues. All in a few blocks, perfect for walking. Among all the little streets, there are hundreds of bars and pubs. One of the most famous albums is Sky Garden. Just as it is cheap (accommodation and food), going out at night is no exception, it is super cheap. Most places are free, and if you must pay, it will never be more than 10/15 dollars.

8)  Morro de São Paulo

Morro de São Paulo is a small island that is located 60 kilometers south of Salvador, capital of the state of Bahia and has the most beautiful beaches in the Brazilian northeast. It is also famous for its parties, every day of the week and all year. On Mondays and Thursdays, the party moves to the Second Beach, they are parties open to the public, and of course free. They are called Luau, and there are many little villages on the beach selling fruit caipirinhas. These parties are also more frequented by locals. The music is varied, Brazilian rhythms such as axé, forró, samba and international songs. Wednesday is the day of the traditional festival of Morro de São Paulo, called the Festival of the Theater. To go you have to climb 188 steps to reach the neighborhood of Mangaba but it is worth it! Fridays are the day to go to Toca do Morcego, a beautiful place with a fantastic panoramic view. Generally, the music they play is electronic. Saturday parties are in Press Disco located on the way to the fort. During the summer they promote parties with different themes, but the Foam Party predominates with a live show by artists who juggle knives, fire, and acrobatics.

9) Bangkok

The Thai capital is one of the best cities in Asia to visit with friends. It is a city that is characterized by its high concentration of people and variety in the nightlife. Young people usually go on a tour of the bars on Khao San Road, the backpackers’ street as they say. Although airlines are generally expensive, they can offset their budget with the low cost of food and accommodation. Sukhumvit Soi 11 is an emblematic night street in Thailand, with many famous clubs and original bars. In Bangkok, you can also visit Buddhist temples such as Wat Pho, with its 43-meter-long tilted Buddha, Wat Arun temple with its incredible giant stupa, or Wat Phra Kaew temple with the Emerald Buddha.

10) Budapest

Those who go to the capital of Hungary should know that when they go out for a drink they should not go to the modern bars but to the Ruins Pubs (“Bars in ruin”). What is it?

Bars mounted on buildings over 100 years old, which only a decade ago were abandoned in the Jewish quarter of Budapest. They function as bars and social centers and exhibition halls and are decorated with graffiti and various objects such as bathtubs, hanging bicycles, truck wheels, or old paintings. The best time to party in summer, at which time the parties on the terraces of the bars take over the city. If they go in the winter, they can experience the parties at the Spa. Budapest is considered the “City of Thermal Baths”, as it has many thermal springs and the Hungarians invented the concept of Fiesta Spa. One of the must-see places to experience this experience is Széchenyi Baths which celebrates parties with electronic music and psychedelic lasers.

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