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The role of a clinical mental health counselor in rehabilitation

Clinical mental health counselors provide counseling and rehabilitative services for those facing a range of mental and related physical health problems. They often provide counseling and treatment services for those experiencing substance abuse issues.

Clinical mental health counselors help form strategies with other medical and mental health providers to treat patients who have complex issues. Utilizing a variety of experts and sometimes even involving social service groups can help patients get the help and resources they need for long term success in overcoming their mental and physical struggles.

Substance abuse

There has been a steep rise in the rate of substance abuse in individuals from many different backgrounds. The COVID-19 pandemic led to high levels of stress among people. Those already suffering from depression or other issues all too often experience a decline in mental health, leading to substance abuse. In some cases, substance abuse that was already present led to the appearance of new mental health issues.

Clinical mental health counselors can help patients who are struggling with addiction. Through talk therapy, medications, and strategic treatment plans, clinical mental health counselors can make a huge difference in the lives of their patients and families.


Sometimes a person needs an intervention when they are clearly suffering from mental health or substance abuse issues. Assessing the extent of the problems in the patient interventions must be done correctly so that the person does not feel attacked. Avoiding making the person feel overly shamed and judged makes it far more likely that the intervention is successful.

Performing an intervention in a comfortable and neutral environment can be helpful, too. Trusted family members and loved ones being present can be beneficial as long as their behavior is planned. It is important that everyone keeps strong emotions toned down, so interventions do not turn into yelling matches and arguments.

Physical disabilities and health issues

When someone experiences a temporary or permanent disability or health condition, it can lead to mental strain and low morale. A clinical mental health counselor helps those experiencing medical issues and disabilities find ways to improve their abilities or learn to adapt their life to lead a rich and fulfilling one.

Clinical mental health counselors work with specialists to provide a total treatment plan that creates realistic solutions and adaptations for the crisis at hand. This can include counseling and talk therapy, medications for mental and physical symptoms, and encouraging positive life practices.

In the case of those who are undergoing long treatments for physical health issues, a mental health counselor can offer encouragement and support when patients need it the most. Keeping up morale is an important part of the healing process. Studies show that those with a positive outlook who feel supported have better outcomes and faster recovery times than those who do not.

Who can benefit from clinical mental health counseling?

Anyone who is experiencing mental health issues, or connected physical health issues, may benefit from sessions with a clinical mental health counselor. Mental health counselors help individuals, families, and couples through various crisis situations and life events. For example, a couple’s session can help partners learn what they can do to help their loved one and their coping mechanisms for the feelings or hardships they are experiencing.

Why one should consider becoming a mental health counselor

Job satisfaction

Those who want to make a difference may want to consider becoming a mental health counselor. Every day, mental health counselors will be helping individuals and families get on the right path. Having a job that they enjoy and that makes them feel like they are making the world a better place can significantly improve their morale and mental health over time.

Ability to work in many different regions and facilities

Clinical mental health counselors are needed all over. This means one can likely find a position in the area they want to work, even if it means relocating. In fact, relocating can result in being able to find the exact position one dreams of having.

It is possible to work in hospitals, clinics, veterans centers, rehabilitation centers, substance abuse facilities, mental hospitals, community health centers, and more with a Mental Health Counselor Degree Online. American International College offers an online master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree in any field with a 2.75 GPA could soon be on their way to earning their degree online at their own pace while keeping their current job. The program features placement services, so students will be able to complete the counseling hours required for gaining their license.

Connect well with different types of people

The best counselors are those who have an easy time connecting with different types of people. Forming a fast, trusting connection allows counselors to help people faster and helps them gain patients via recommendations. Those seeking clinical mental health counselors can vary a lot in background and circumstances depending on where they work. In some facilities, they may be working with a specific segment of the population.


Clinical mental health counselors play a strong role in the success of rehabilitating patients experiencing mental, physical, or substance abuse issues. There is a high demand for qualified clinical mental health counselors. This demand is expected to grow even more over the next decade.

Now is a great time to pursue a career as a mental health counselor if one is looking for a career that allows them to help people across many demographics. Mental health counselors provide the help that so many people need to make long-term improvements in their lives.

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