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Things You Will Find on the Dark Web

The dark web is considered to be an integral part of the Internet, which is not visible to any search engine. It especially requires the use of a particular browser known as Tor in order to be accessed. It can be anything that is related to criminal activities. You must be well aware of the red room storiesIt is considered to be a hidden service provided where people get to see and be part of the interactive torture or murder session. One of the most common answers, which people look for, is, “Do red room exists”? Even the existence of such a room is questioned. It is certainly a video portal where the activities related to physical abuse is made available.

What are Things One Can Buy on the Dark Web?

One might be surprised to know there is a list of things made available on the Dark Web. It was originally developed for exchanging classified information. However, Dark Web turned out to be an unregulated marketplace.

Credit card numbers – You will be amazed to know that the Dark Web sites sell around 100 credit card numbers in batches at a very low rate. You need to buy these in batches are there is no guarantee whether it has been canceled or not.

Fake passports – There is a website called “Fake Documents Service” that steals all the passwords and documents virtually from every nation, which includes passports too. Further, they provide such fake documents to the people on demands made.

Weed – There are millions of people who ask this question, “How to buy weeds on the Deep Web”? Seemingly with minimum effort, one can easily find the strain and potency of these pots in a few seconds.

Netflix accounts – Do you find paying the monthly fee for the Netflix accounts to be an expensive affair? In Deep Web, you get the option to purchase these Netflix accounts available for sale in just one dollar.

Bitcoin lottery tickets – Dark Web operates by using the Bitcoins. Therefore, for gambling purposes, this digital currency is being put in use. Hence, the Bitcoin lottery provides for all the tickets required for sale on the deep web.

Silicon Masks – Are you planning to join any impossible Mission Force camp? If yes, then you would probably need a lifelike silicon mask, which you can find on the Deep Web at an affordable price.

Fake coupons – You must have come across the news busted by the Federal government of charging some major companies at least one million dollars in coupon value for 25 cents off and two boxes of cereals.

Fake college degrees – One can easily buy the fake college degree at a pretty attractive deal. So, you can have any one of them as per your wish and place it on your wall with pride.

However, the dark web has even got some of the legitimate side, which cannot be ignored.


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