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Three Important Tips to Remember when Buying a Used Tractor

If you are like many forestry operators, you probably want to invest in a used tractor instead of a new one. Fortunately, you can easily find used tractors in many dealerships that are as good as new. However, whether it is your first time buying a tractor or you are getting an addition to your fleet, you must keep things in mind to ensure you get the right equipment. Here are some things to consider when buying a used tractor:

Know what Exactly you Need

When buying a tractor, you must know how big of a tractor you need. Talk to dealers of different tractor brands about what you will be using the vehicle for, how much land you must cover, and how quickly you must complete the work. A good dealer should give you advice on the right horsepower based on your needs. Because you are buying a used kioti tractor, consider going up one size. Thus, if the dealer recommends 50 horsepower, look for 70 horsepower models.

Moreover, you must also pay attention to the various kinds of connections. Ensure the tractor is compatible with any equipment you already have.

Learn About Tractor Features

Tractor dealers will talk about size, weight, lift capacity, and load capacity. But these things are measured in various ways depending on the dealer you are talking to. Thus, depending on these things can get you a tractor that is not up to the work it has to do. Thus, make sure to learn about features such as tractor transmission. You can expect a standard transmission to be less expensive. These may be your best option depending on how you plan to use the tractor. However, if you have to use a front loader frequently, you must look for something else. On very big tractors, you must get a hydraulic shuttle transmission.

Keep an Eye on the Little Things

Tractors that have recently been repainted and with all new sales around the cab may have suffered flood or fire damage. However, you would not know what the real damage is until you will be operating the tractor for a while. Thus, when buying a tractor, make sure to check for wear. If the engine has low hours but the mats, pedals, tires, seats, and gear shifts are strangely worn, this should be a red flag. Also, drive the tractor while still at the dealership to ensure everything feels right.

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