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Tips for the last few months before NEET 

The last few months before the NEET exams are very crucial and can be a game-changer. PYQs are a must and should be solved with proper analysis. NEET PYQP with Answers Keys for 2018 Code AA is easily available now and along with other PYQs will help you ace the exams. By going through this article you will get to know some of the important last-minute tips that you might have missed. So make sure you read it till the end and take interesting tips from here.

The tips that are mentioned below can be easily applied in the daily study routine, and some of the tips can be used for all types of examinations.

Marks distribution 

This is the main step that can help you prepare well for the final day. You know that biology consist of half of the paper and the other half is divided into chemistry and physics. Biology is a subject that has to be memorized by heart. But the other two subjects require a lot of practice which will be fruitful only when you have your basics clear. You can paste a sheet with the overall marks distribution along with the chapters that needed more time.


Now if we talk especially about biology, it has a lot to learn. You can make this process easier by coming up with creative ideas so that they remain in your mind for a long time. Flashcards and mind maps are the best way to do so. You must prepare short notes of all the important topics so that you can just have a look at them whenever you face problems while solving the questions. Mnemonics can also be a way to memorize things faster and a better way. Properly going through the NCERT should be the first priority and you should at least complete the biology syllabus twice before the last few months. Make flow charts and use sticky notes to remember important chapters. The last few months should only be devoted to revision to brush up on your concepts.


The important thing about this subject is just practice along with clearing your concepts simultaneously. Many biology students often fear physics because it has a lot to solve and your basics have to be clear in this. But you don’t have to worry, with regular practice and smart work you can easily score the required number in this section. If you are facing a lot of problems and are only able to solve a few questions then don’t worry just devotes extra hours daily and practice all types of questions. During the last few months before the exams make sure you don’t jump to topics that you haven’t covered yet.


The organic part of this subject is considered very important as well as interesting. So make sure you complete this part of the subject first. It has many named reactions and reagents to remember so don’t forget to give a quick revision to them. Your flashcards and notes will be the most useful things during the last few months of revision.

Don’t panic 

This is observed that even if you have given your best during the last few months of students tend to feel anxious. This can dampen the performance on the final day. So try to be calm, take short breaks so that you feel all energized and fresh. Try to meditate and exercise to stay calm and composed through these last few months.


The final revision along with sitting in the overall full-length mock test is the most important thing. Don’t try to mug up things that you have never studied till now, otherwise, you will be confused and this will lead to marking the wrong answers. Just go through all the concepts and important chapters that you have marked till now. Always plan your revision with a proper schedule and targets so that the complete revision can be possible.


Avoid all sorts of distractions during the last few months. This way you can concentrate more on the revision and this will reduce the chances of you forgetting something important. These distractions also include negative thoughts that can bring your morale down. So think positively and try your best to do the things that you have to do to ace the examination. Don’t compare your performance or the matter of content that is still left to revise, this can bring your mood down at times.

Healthy diet

As it has been observed that the last few months can be pretty hectic as you have to revise the complete syllabus of all the three subjects. So, it is advised and good to eat a healthy diet so that your body will get the required amount of energy to function at its full potential.

Proper Sleep 

Many times you must have observed that your sleep cycle might be getting disturbed while trying hard to reach the set daily targets. But during the last few months make sure you are talking about your 5 to 6 hours of healthy sleep. This will help you wake up with full energy which is the most required during this time of final revision. Don’t stretch your nights too long, rather try to wake up early and exercise before you started studying. This all will help you a lot in remembering stuff and you will surely feel good.


Some of the tips that are mentioned above you must be following them but try to inculcate the others. Try them for a week or so to make sure they work for you or not, if they do then stick with them till the end. All these practices and tips will help in improving your score and thus te rank by a lot. The memorizing part can be done in the morning as it is the best time. Make a proper schedule and try to follow it till the last date to see a great result. After reading and applying these tips you will surely get admission to a good medical college.

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