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Top Reasons to Visit Thailand for Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has exploded in popularity over the last decade, more and more people from countries such as Australia, America and the UK are visiting Thailand to get nose jobs, breast augmentation and liposuction to name a few. Asian countries have been at the forefront of cosmetic surgery and Thailand has become the world’s most popular destination for plastic surgery. There are multiple reasons why this country attracts so many.

Low Cost

The most obvious reason why so many people have decided to visit Thailand is cost, you can make huge savings in comparison to other countries. Thailand’s medical treatments can be anywhere from 40 to 70% cheaper than places like the US and Australia. If you’re in Bangkok, you can visit Clinic Soi 1 and have a range of treatments done for half the price you’d pay at home. These facilities have the latest technology and highly trained doctors, the huge reduction in costs comes down to the cost of labour. This is the main reason why patients choose to go here for medical treatment, they’ve access to modern facilities at a fraction of the price.

Outstanding Medical Personnel

When you visit a hospital or clinic in Thailand, you’ll meet up with a highly trained doctor who more often than not has studied medicine in the US. Even the medical training they’ve received at home is recognised as being adept and globally recognised by top medical boards. You’ll find that Thailand’s Medical Council is aligned with the American Medical Association, this is another reason why so many visit this country for medical procedures.

First-class Service

If you book a cosmetic package in one of Thailand’s leading medical facilities, you’ll be exposed to nothing but 5-star service. There are numerous high-quality clinics and hospitals in cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Some of the services you’ll be given will include:

  • Top of the line room with all the latest amenities such as free Wi-Fi, flat screen TV, kitchen and bathroom.
  • Relaxing lounges with a variety of drinks & snacks
  • Incredible customer care
  • In-house travel agent who caters for visa extensions etc.

Thailand’s medical facilities are well-equipped to offer first-class cosmetic surgery, dental procedures, cancer treatment and heart surgery.

Travel Destination

Once your surgery is done, you can stay an extra few days or longer to relax and recuperate in peace. Thailand has so many things to do and see you’ll never get bored there. Its warm climate, breath-taking beaches, good infrastructure and mouth-watering cuisine are some of the main reasons why this country attracts millions of tourists every year. It is also an aviation hub which services all major destinations.

As you can see from the points mentioned above, Thailand is a great destination for medical tourism. You can go for a wide variety of procedures in a state-of-the-art facility for half the cost you would pay in most western countries. The doctors and nurses are well-trained, and the service is impeccable. If you are thinking about cosmetic surgery, make Thailand a priority.

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