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Two-Wheeler Add-On Covers: The Cloak of Protection Around You

Buying a two-wheeler insurance policy is now easy. However, in order to protect your two-wheeler, you need a comprehensive cover. To further add more protection, you can go for add-on covers. Keep reading to find out about some valuable add-on covers.

Two-wheelers are the most preferred modes of private commuting in India. And why not, they are convenient, they are best to beat the traffic, and they are fun too. While they surely are the most preferred types of private vehicles, they are also prone to accidents. This is why two-wheeler owners need a comprehensive policy. A comprehensive policy guards you against several risks and threats such as:

  • Natural as well as certain man-made calamities like floods, tsunami, thefts, burglary, etc.
  • Safeguards riders, vehicles as well as pillion(s) from legal procedures related to injury or loss of the third party.
  • Damage incurred due to minor/major accidents.

While there are various advantages of a two wheeler comprehensive cover, most bike owners opt for some add-ons to increase their coverage which is not included in a standard comprehensive policy.

Here are some popular add-on covers for you:

#1 Passenger Cover: In case of an accident, insurance covers the mishap caused to the driver, such as demise or disability. However, an equal amount of impact is experienced by the passenger/pillion as well, which is not covered for in a standard insurance policy. The passenger cover ensures equal compensation for the pillion. Although the passenger cover costs slightly higher, it is extremely beneficial.

#2 Zero-Depreciation cover: Post an accident, the rider has to shell out money from his/her pocket for the replacement of spare-parts and depreciation of the vehicle. However, this can be avoided if one pays an additional premium, which is an option in certain insurance plans. With this cover, the insurance company settles all the expenses of depreciation value and spare parts.

#3 Accessories Cover: Your bike comes with complimentary high-end accessories and insuring them is a wise choice. This add-on cover insures all those invaluable accessories, provided you give an estimated cost of all the accessories while purchasing the policy.

#4 Medical Covers: This is a must-have for your two-wheeler. Accidents are unpredictable and inevitable sometimes. Nevertheless, this medical cover provides financial aid on medical treatments due to accidents associated with the two-wheeler.

#5 Engine protection Cover: 

It aids in funding all costs incurred by damages caused to the engine of the vehicle. It covers all kinds of engine damages ranging from physical to environmental.

#6 Return to invoice cover: Imagine a situation wherein your vehicle is damaged beyond repair. This is every person’s worst nightmare! Gratefully, this is the hope of some reconciliation. With this cover, insurance companies reimburse the price mentioned in the invoice.

Add-on Covers to your Rescue

A best two wheeler insurance plan is one that regards security as an essential aspect and covers up for all the natural as well as unforeseeable disasters and provides you with the best add-on covers. Make sure to add these covers to help you enjoy the ride peacefully and keep your calm in the tough times.

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