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Understanding more about Platelet-Rich Fibrin

Dental problems have become widespread in the current world. As research shows, individuals, especially children, and young adults are infected with dental issues. The growth of these statistics of individuals having dental problems has become alarming. There is a need to develop new procedures that will help solve these problems. At Sunnyvale PRF, they offer PRF therapy that helps improve the oral surgery procedures used in dental treatment. If you are experiencing some dental issues, please feel free to book an appointment with them.

What is Platelet-Rich Fibrin

PRF is an autologous modification of the fibrin. It is derived from a concentrated platelet of the patient’s blood. It is used as a membrane for covering the roots of the teeth. Research shows that this method was developed in France in the year 2001. The procedure’s primary purpose is to accelerate the soft and hard tissue healing after oral surgery.

How is the PRF used in Dental Procedures?

The PRF is used during several oral procedures. The procedures where the PRF is widely used include:

Tooth extractions

Immediately after a tooth has been removed, PRF is used to fill the area that has been left empty. The compound helps to seal the gap and also promotes advanced and faster healing. The PRF is elastic and has a suitable clotting property, reducing the swelling and inflammation immediately after the tooth has been extracted.

Bone regeneration

PRF is used in the bone grafting process. Bone grafting helps in restoring bone integrity and healing. With the help of PRF, recovery becomes faster since the fibrin present ensures that bone regenerates and grows a little bit faster.

Gum grafting

Gum grafting usually takes a long time before it heals. This makes dentist patients more uncomfortable and feels some pain. PRF ensures that the time used in healing is cut shorter. It ensures that it reduces the discomfort and swelling, hence you get healthy gums quickly.

Dental implants

A dental implant generally is a long and painful procedure. It sometimes takes a long time to heal. The dental implant procedure is made much better with PRF, especially when anchoring the implant into the jaw. The PRF also improves the healing process in the areas near the implants. It also boosts the stability of the implant in the jawbone. It acts as a cement to the implants.

What are the benefits of the PRF?

PRF has got many benefits to all dental patients. Some of the services include the following:

  •   It stimulates the body’s natural ability to build new cells around the wound which speeds up the healing process.
  •   Due to platelets’ concentrated nature in the PRF, blood clots necessary for healing are formed faster, enhancing faster recovery. The PRF releases growth factors that speed up tissue repairing.
  •   It is very safe since it uses the patient’s blood. It is free from infections.
  •   It is easy to make the component since it takes only ten minutes to develop the component.
  •   The treatment procedure is quick and straightforward.

In summary, the PRF stands out as the best solution to all dangers involved during oral surgeries. It enhances faster healing. Patients should consider this option when visiting a dentist.

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