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Visiting a Med Spa: Enjoying a Relaxing Experience With Luxurious and Medical Treatments

Medical spas provide you with a relaxing spa experience with the services and expertise you can usually get at a medical clinic. Also, they differ from traditional spas in the kind of procedures they offer. Medical spas can get medical procedures done that cannot be done at average day spas. A West New York medSpa can be as posh as a day spa or more clinical. 

What Treatments You Can Get at a MedSpa

Although the menu at medSpas varies depending on the facility, generally, you can get treatments for hair removal, aging skin, and acne. Also, luxurious treatments such as salt glows, massage, facials, and seaweed wraps are available at medSpas. 

However, you can get more specialized treatments at a medSpa that derma or plastic surgery clinics offer. These include injectables, chemical peels, and laser treatments. Also, you can get treatments for acne breakouts at a medSpa. 

Who Performs the Treatment Procedures?

The person who will perform your treatment depends on the kind of treatment you need. The medical expert who supervises the med space takes charge of all medical procedures including chemical peels that target deeper skin layers, injectables, and laser or light treatments. A spa’s aestheticians handle routine day spa treatments. Also, they do cosmetic procedures such as body scrubs, massage, and wraps. They can perform non-invasive treatments such as microdermabrasion, acne treatment facials, and superficial chemical peels. Non-medical procedures will be handled by skincare therapists. 

What to Expect During Your Consultation?

Although some medical spas may require you to schedule a consultation-only appointment if it is your first time with them, others allow for both consultation and treatment appointments. Some medSpas offer complimentary consultations that can be followed by treatment when recommended by a doctor, nurse, or aesthetician and you choose to proceed. Also, it depends on the kind of treatment you wish to get. Some treatments can be administered on your first visit while others cannot. For example, some contraindications must be taken into account before fillers, injectables, lasers, and chemical peels. Also, if you used aspirin in the past week, you cannot have injectables because aspirin has blood-thinning properties. 

Moreover, if you have received treatments many times before, you won’t have to schedule additional consultations. The best way to know what to expect during your first consultation is to give your chosen facility a call. 

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