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Want Your Artificial Lawn to Look as Good as Real?

Not everyone has a beautiful lawn in their home. If you have one, you are one of the lucky people. However, many people opt for lawn terrace designs as well. If you do not have a personal terrace, a lawn balcony decoration can be created also. Irrespective of whether you have a lawn in your backyard, lawn terrace design, or lawn balcony decoration, having one increases a lot of responsibilities. Some people do not have the time to keep up with the maintenance requirements. As a result, the lawn stays untrimmed and appears very unappealing. However, this does not mean busy people cannot have a beautiful lawn. Instead of a natural lawn, you can consider choosing artificial grass for your lawn terrace design or lawn balcony decoration. It will help to enhance your home decor also. With artificial grass, you do not have to worry about fertilizing or mowing your lawn. You just have to hire professionals for the installation and keep up with its simple maintenance schedule. Maintaining artificial grass is much easier compared to natural grass. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help to keep your artificial lawn appear as good as new:

01 of 04 Keep the natural look by brushing

As mentioned earlier, your artificial lawn will require very little maintenance. Instead of going through all the tiring tasks, you just have to brush your lawn to keep your artificial grass appear new and natural. However, you must brush carefully. Do it lightly, especially the first few weeks after the installation. Also, do not just brush on one side. You must brush in different directions to ensure that the artificial grass stays straight and bouncy. This will help to create a natural feel.

In case you have a large artificial lawn, cleaning the entire lawn might not be possible for you in one go. Hence, you should try to focus more on the areas that get dirtier than the rest of the areas. Focus on the areas that receive more traffic while cleaning as they generally get stained. Cleaning the lawn only once a month is sufficient to keep the space clean. Just make sure you always use synthetic bristles instead of metal ones while cleaning. Metal bristles can damage your artificial grass.

02 of 04 Get rid of dust and stains

The lawn can get dusty very easily. Over time, it can get stained as well and diminish your home decor. In most cases, this problem is taken care of by rain. As rain starts pouring, it washes away the dust and stains. However, dust and stains can become a problem if it does not rain. If you live in a place that does not receive a lot of rainfall, you will have to come up with solutions for this problem. This is not a difficult problem and can be easily taken care of with very little effort. You just need to spray some water on the lawn with a hose to get rid of the dust and dirt. However, you may come across stubborn stains that cannot be taken care of with just water. In such cases, mix some water and any detergent, and spray it on the stain. Gently scrub the area with any soft brush and then wash the areas with water. You can get rid of all kinds of stains including coffee stains, tea stains, alcohol stains, fruit juice stains, urine stains, blood stains, etc.

However, you will have to be careful while choosing the detergent or cleaning solution for cleaning. Some cleaning agents contain harsh chemicals. These harsh chemicals can damage your artificial lawn and can also stain it. In most cases, you will not require strong cleaning agents as the material used for making the artificial lawn is stain-resistant.

03 of 04 Make sure it does not give any foul odour

After a point in time, your artificial lawn might start giving a foul odour. It is quite normal and you do not have to worry about replacing your artificial lawn. Also, you do not have to worry about the issue as it can take a few years before any such thing can happen. However, people with pets or who barbeque on the lawn can face this issue quite early. The cooking oils or the urine or excrement of your pets can be a problem. Getting rid of the odour is not always possible even if you tend to any stain instantly. This is why you will need a cleaner that will help to deal with such smells. If you do not want to buy a cleaning agent, you can just add vinegar to water and clean using the mixture.

04 of 04 You must keep equipment handy

Organic buildup can occur on your artificial lawn. If you want your artificial lawn to stay clean and odourless, you will have to get rid of organic buildup. To keep them away, you will require various types of equipment around. These include a leaf blower, hose, brush, etc. You can use them to keep the artificial lawn clean.

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