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Ways to Prepare for the Summer Season

If you’re the type of person who favors sunshine over snow, summer’s your most awaited season of the year. Well, it’s time you get hyped up because summer’s just around the corner. Soon you will wake up to the sun saying hello unsparingly, bringing warmth to your windows.

After months of cold, you will once again feel the pleasurable prick of sun rays on your skin. Yes, there will be times when the heat will be too much. You’ll want to update your central air conditioning, but that’s part and parcel of the whole deal.

You do not want to be unprepared once summer announces its presence. So make sure you make all the essential preparations. Begin with these recommendations.

Do some general cleaning

Spring cleaning should not last you until autumn, or worse, winter. There should be summer cleaning in between. You want your house looking pristine in time for summer soirees.

Start with your air conditioning and ventilation systems. Make sure AC filters and vents are free of dust and other particles. Your fans, from ceiling to desk fans, should be dust-free too. Wipe your windows clean, so they’ll look nice whenever you open your curtains to let the sun in. Speaking of curtains, replace them with fresh sets. Choose the most colorful curtains you have because that’s what summer’s about.

If you have a front or back yard, it’s time to trim the grass. You want those spaces picnic-ready, with zero unnecessary debris.

Wardrobe update

Speaking of picnics, you’ll need OOTDs that best capture that summer picnic vibe. No, you can’t rely on jeans that got you through winter or your go-to jumpers for cool spring weather. You want something that’s summer-specific.

For women, think flowy dresses paired with comfy sneakers. For men, think chino shorts paired with comfy cotton shirts. Yes, the operative word here is comfy. No matter how much you adore the sun, sometimes it can get a little too hot for comfort, so you better be ready with your summer wardrobe.

Make a list of activities

Having mentioned summer wardrobe, don’t let yours stagnate in the closet. Show off your sartorial sense every chance you get. This is where making a list of summer activities comes in. Sure, you can be spontaneous but remember that summer only lasts a few months. You do not want it to pass you by without making new summer memories because you failed to plan accordingly.

Put music festivals on your summer bucket list. Add a few excursions to the ocean or a nearby lake if you live inland. Schedule themed picnics.

Curate a summer playlist

You want your summer activities paired with appropriate playlists. Chances are there’s already a ready-made Spotify playlist for whatever activity you’ve got planned. But that’s cutting corners. You do not want to deprive yourself of the fun you get from curating your very own playlist.

So at bedtime, while you wait for sleep, start curating the songs you want to soundtrack your summer picnic, your trip to the ocean, your road trip with college friends. Make sure everyone can relate to the songs you curate.

Call your summer friends

Summer activities are best enjoyed with friends. If you have lost contact with most of them for the past months, it’s time to reconnect. If you have friends who are into the same stuff you’re interested in, you lucked out. If not, call those friends whom you know will be most thrilled by whatever you’ve got planned. Maybe you have a set of friends who are music festival friends, watersports friends, picnic friends. There’s nothing wrong with classifying your circles. So long as you love and appreciate them equally.

Get your finances in order

Ideally, you have been saving in preparation for summer. You most likely spent a lot during winter, with the holidays and all the gifts you had to buy. If you used springtime to allow your finances to recover, then you’ve got no problem. You’ll have sufficient money to burn under the heat of summer.

You’re probably aware of climate change and how it’s wreaking havoc on the planet. It’s making the Earth’s surface hotter and hotter. And that becomes most evident come summer. However, summer’s about fun and pleasure. So give yourself the permission to have fun under the sun and appreciate the heat at least until summer says goodbye. Make the essential preparations cited above and make the most of the season. Come autumn, allow yourself to once again reckon with carbon footprint and whatnot.

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