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What happens if Microsoft Office is not activated or unlicensed?

Microsoft Office is an exceptional and necessary tool for people who have to use text documents or presentation slides consistently. It is considered as a gold standard that works for a variety of office applications. No doubt there are lots of top-class free Microsoft Office setup options available to choose, but none of them can match the original one.

A common question that a great number of people are what to do when the trial ends or Microsoft Office isn’t activated. Can we use the unlicensed copy for as much time as we want? Well, all your queries will be answered briefly in this post by our team. Stick with us until the end so you don’t miss anything .

What if Microsoft Office is not activated?

If you register for the 30-day free trial of the Microsoft Office, then access to all the features will be provided for a period of 30 days including PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel, Publisher, Word, and many more. However, you need to activate it after that period.

It can be activated using 25 character product that needs to be purchased separately. It is used for verifying the product to give a digital license for using it. There are usually two cases on which the Microsoft trial depends. We will talk about both of them below:

  • The service will be continued if you have signed from the official site of Microsoft, and recurring billing is allowed. The payment is charged automatically in such cases without any need to re-install.
  • On the other hand, the trial ends automatically if the user signed on the system. There won’t be any need to cancel the subscription as the users will automatically be prompted to select the version they want to purchase.

The messages like “Office Product Deactivated,” “Office Unlicensed Product” and “we are sorry, something went wrong” on the system. The thing we want to say is the majority of Office features will disable once the 30-day trial expires.

How long can an unlicensed Microsoft Office copy be used?

An unlicensed Microsoft Office program will continue to work with a reduced level of functions once the trial period finishes. There are lots of commands that won’t be available when the free trial expires. You won’t be able to create new documents or editing them. The documents can be printed, but can’t be saved. You may see the messages that mentioned below in detail:

  • Set up Dialog or Sign In
  • Enter the Key Dialog
  • Product Expiring Alert
  • Unlicensed Product Alert
  • Product Deactivated Alert
  • Disabled Features
  • View Supported Documents


If you believe that features will stay the same without activation or expiration, then you are completely wrong. Try to find alternative software if you find it difficult to afford the Microsoft Office. However, we suggest the readers use the original software as it only has all the features. If you have any queries regarding this post, please write about it in the comment section.

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