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Why is Records Management So Important?

Business record management software

Well-maintained record management saves you time and money, since all employees have all important customer data at hand with their help. Appropriate software is part of the basic equipment of every modern company and represents the basis for CRM.

The advantages of professional records management

Everyone knows programs for managing contacts, their records and telephone numbers from private use. Every day we come into contact with software such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple contacts or address books from Android devices. Without these useful helpers, which often already contain well over 100 data records for personal use, some would have great difficulty managing their everyday lives.

Without a professional software for record management, any sales oriented company would quickly be unable to act. The record manager software is the solution.

Transferred to a modern company, the consequences of a lack of software for managing business contacts and contact histories would be much more serious. Especially with sales oriented companies, there would be a complete inability to act almost immediately.Your database offers much more than just an address book! All users and of course your entire company benefit from the following advantages when using our program:

Records management is the basis for a successful CRM. This software offers you many possibilities to manage your data records perfectly.Save all your business contacts and all contact histories (protocols, documents, reminders, agreed appointments, purchased products, etc.) in clearly structured data records.

The sales department has all the necessary data to work efficiently, effectively and successfully.

The more well-prepared records of your customers you have, the sooner you can address them directly to new offers, products or services that match their areas of interest or preferences.

The better you maintain your records management software, the easier it will be to research and select customers for marketing campaigns. This enables targeted mailings to the addresses of a precisely defined target group, for example. All data records and the contact histories recorded in them serve as the perfect basis for your CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

In addition to the pure management of records, this system offers a variety of other useful functions, all of which have the purpose of using the contents of its records database in the most profitable ways for your company.

In addition to the standard contact data, e.g. B. Name, telephone numbers and email address, as you can find in every address book, you can freely define additional input fields yourself and adapt the record manager to your own company requirements.

The “Campaign status” function enables you to classify your customers or prospects even better in record management. For example, it is understandable whether an offer or contract has already been sent. At the same time, the campaign status helps you with customer selection, for example according to the criteria mentioned above.

Central document management must also be part of good record management softwares. Important documents, such as contracts or service reports, can therefore be stored for all data records. This is how you ensure that your field staff in particular have access to sales-related information. In addition, this data is mobile, and can be updated directly in the customer appointment, in the record manager softwares.

The record management software can use and process its stored recorded data for various marketing purposes, such as form letters or e-mail campaigns.

In addition to the contact histories, various types of reminders can be added to the records management software data records, such as appointments. The appointment calendars of the users of the management system can be viewed among each other and thus allow optimal cooperation between the individual employees.

The resubmissions ensure that, for example, certain employees systematically contact the recipients of your form letters. With the help of the software manager, you ensure that you exploit the full potential of your inventory. And the best thing about it: You always have an eye on all developments, because these programs have a variety of helpful evaluation options, which in turn serve as the basis for successful CRM.

Rights management is a useful extension of your record management, because you can decide yourself which user can edit which records data, for example, only read it or not see it at all.

You can import the data either in a matter of seconds using continuous text import or with just a few clicks of the mouse over an existing Excel table, B. was exported from Outlook into our program.

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