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Why Laptop Reviewers Focus So Much on Expendability

A Macbook Pro is an amazing computer. But a custom-built PC that costs the same will run rings around a Macbook Pro. Nonetheless, a Macbook Pro sells more, is more popular and really good as it is. Its mobility is its greatest value. Even at its basic spec, the new Macbook Pro is a quad-core media powerhouse with one of the best displays on a laptop. You can bring it with you to a cafe to work there, and it’s one of the best joys of working remotely. Not now, though, as the extension of working remotely for most people is putting the laptop at the dinner table.

That should be the end of it, right? But, laptop reviewers won’t let sleeping dogs lie. Especially one that costs at least $1,000. To them, the strongest suit of a Macbook Pro is it’s so configured that all anyone needs to do is to turn it on and then use it. It’s the Apple way. Where it scores low, though, is its expandability. That is a mortal wound for potential laptop owners who will want more from their laptops in the long term.

Space for What’s Not There

It doesn’t take much to make a laptop fast. If you buy a laptop with an SSD and at least 16GB of memory, chances are it will be at least five years before you can consider your laptop as slow. But, that’s if you never change what you do with your laptop. You don’t have to worry about that, though, because the programs you have will release updated versions that will be more demanding on your system. So, in two or three years, you may want to add a few more things or replace the storage of your laptop.

This is probably the simplest, most practical reason why you’d want expansion opportunities on your laptop. Any computer repair shop anywhere will point you in this direction. This is why reviewers put such a heavy focus on that. You don’t want a middle-of-the-top spec laptop that costs around $1,500 to be unable to run heavy software in two years right? That’s just a waste of money.

So, while you may have to choose another laptop for the purposes of expandability, your wallet will thank you in the long term. Those two more spaces for added RAM or storage that’s not glued on the PCB could be the difference between that laptop lasting longer and making an emergency $1,500 purchase.

If You’re a Gamer, Expandability is Priceless

There are more and more PC gamers today that are switching to laptops. Despite the downgraded GPUs and CPUs, you really can’t beat mobility. Especially if you can bring with you a laptop with an IPS screen with a high-refresh panel and a mecha-membrane keyboard. That’s unbeatable, and if you can get it in a thin form-factor, that’s a portable powerhouse. But, what would round that off is if you can add more RAM and new storage for RAID. You don’t have to replace that laptop in at least five years. That’s value.

Technology will get better, but that’s a given. What’s not given is manufacturers putting customers first. Asking questions about expandability is the first step in getting more value on laptops, and you can bet that they’re going to be a focal point for reviewers for years to come.

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