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Why Would One Enroll In Yoga Teacher Training?

There are a couple of reasons why one would enroll for yoga teacher training, with the main reason being the ability to coach others through the yoga journey efficiently. There are a couple of modes in which one would undertake the movement, with in-person and online methods available.

The yoga teacher training gives one relevant information which would get applied practically for a better experience. The information gained in the yoga teacher training sessions could get shared with their students to enhance their yoga sessions. Below are some of the reasons why one would enroll for yoga teacher training; they include:

Mastery of Art

The200 hours program is meant to equip those taking the course with the principles and basics of yoga. There are different styles of yoga, with the common ones being Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. After completing the Yoga teacher training, one shall get awarded a certificate to prove having undertaken the course. The certificate gives one the legal authority to act as a qualified yoga teacher. When one undertakes Yoga teacher training, they learn various applicable skills. Among the things taught in the Yoga teacher training include:

Technique Practice

There are different types of yoga, and the yoga teachers need to get conversant with most, if not all, of them. The yoga teachers learn the other techniques during the technique practice session and practice them further. During the Yoga teacher training, the teachers get guided practice on the various yoga techniques and analytical training on how to practice and teach their students. The more informed the yoga teacher is about the different yoga techniques, the easier it shall get for them to teach effectively.

Methodology of Teaching

There are different ways in which one would use to teach another a new skill. Those ways get exposed to the teachers during the Yoga teacher training. The trainers get made to understand the process of a student learning yoga. Most persons tend to attend the Yoga teacher training to acquire a certificate used for business purposes. Among the taught subjects during Yoga teacher training is the business aspect of yoga teaching, where they get trained to make a living from instructing yoga.

Among other things taught in the Yoga teacher training includes demonstration, observing, assisting, and correcting a student in learning yoga. The teachers are also trained on the different and most effective teaching styles later on in their students. The qualities of a good yoga teacher get also taught to the teachers during the Yoga teacher training sessions.

Physiology and Anatomy

Yoga is an art that involves the human physical anatomy and the physiological anatomy, which consists of the body organs and other of its systems. Also, yoga consists of energy anatomy and physiology, such as the Chakras and the Nadis. The Yoga teacher training includes studying the subject and applying its principles to yoga practice. These principles include but are not limited to their benefits, contradictions, and healthy movement patterns in yoga.

Ethics and Lifestyle for Yoga Teachers

As yoga teachers, many shall look upon them for guidance on yoga-based topics, and also some yoga enthusiasts even imitate their instructor’s lifestyle. As a role model to many, one must maintain a quality yoga-healthy lifestyle worthy of imitation from those looking upon them. However, besides having a good lifestyle, the yoga teachers are informed on the ethics of their profession to avoid getting caught up in the wrong side of situations.


The yoga teachers getting trained put their teaching skills into practice in the practicum. They receive feedback and improve on the vital areas, observe what other teachers do, and assist students in a session where another instructor teaches. It builds on competence and boosts the self-confidence portrayed by the yoga teachers.

The practicum gives them a taste of what the situation on the ground feels like and helps them improve on their weak areas, subsequently making them better yoga teachers than when they initially enrolled for the Yoga teacher training. Practicum is crucial for fitting the yoga teacher into the system for it gives them hands-on experience on what to expect when in the field.

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