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Why You Need An Orthopedic Treatment For Musculoskeletal Issues

Musculoskeletal issues could cause mild to severe pain and it could help to seek medical attention before the issues get out of hand. Stiffness and pain on soft tissues that do not go away after getting pain medication and other remedies might require the attention of an orthopedist like Dr. Jaymes Granata in Las Vegas. The doctor specializes in simple and complex treatment of multiple body organs and he works with a team of physical therapists who will help you attain better health outcomes.

Why You Should See an Orthopedic Doctor

Your orthopedic doctor will help you explore nonsurgical methods of treatment first for the musculoskeletal issues. They may refer you to effective physical therapies, pain medications, and rehabilitation that works well for your condition. They are also experts in surgical methods of treatment and they can help repair an injury and any medical condition when necessary. They can help align broken bones, replace injured joints, back pain, bone tumors, arthritis, traumas, and limb lengthening.

Tips for Choosing an Orthopedic

  • Get Referrals

You may ask your primary doctor for referrals as they work together with the orthopedic experts in treating different musculoskeletal issues. Your family and friends might be knowledgeable about the best orthopedics near you and they could come in handy when searching for a doctor. When narrowing down your list of doctors you should call them to meet them, interview each of them and choose one who meets your personal preferences.

  • Research Your Doctor’s Credentials

It is prudent to choose a board-certified orthopedic surgeon as certification could inform you about the training and skills necessary for the treatment. You may ask the orthopedic doctor about their experience and if they have ever conducted the specific surgery or treatment you are seeking.

  •  Research Hospital Quality

It is most likely that the quality of service you will receive from your orthopedic will be similar to the quality of the services offered by their hospital. Hospital quality matters and you can easily assess the quality of your chosen hospital based on the reviews of the patients online. You may also take into consideration the location of the hospital as this could matter to your treatment plan. After an operation, you might find that you need follow-up and rehabilitation and this might be easy if you choose a doctor near you.

  • Choose An Orthopedic Surgeon Who Supports Your Information Needs

An orthopedic surgeon should listen to your personal preferences and make the choices available known to you. You could go for one who has an easy response to your questions in your first meeting as they might be open to discuss the options at your disposal. An orthopedic doctor of the same gender would be helpful as they understand the issues specific to your gender. Your doctor might also explain what your insurance covers so that you can plan your treatment budget well.


You might need an orthopedic doctor if you have musculoskeletal issues that do not go away with home remedies and over-the-counter medications. Your family doctor might help you find an orthopedic doctor who meets your needs as they are likely to be working with a team of orthopedics. It could help to choose a doctor who easily understands your needs and one who knows that information is necessary for efficient treatment. Go for one with board-certification and look for positive patient reviews.

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