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Why You Should Opt for PRP Hair Restoration Therapy

Hair loss can affect your confidence, and you can opt for surgery to restore any lost hair. However, you should try other hair restoration methods before opting for surgery. For instance, platelet-rich hair restoration is a minimally invasive method to restore hair. You can opt for a Sarasota hair restoration expert who specializes in platelet-rich hair restoration. This is how platelets can restore your hair naturally.

What is the Connection Between Platelets and Hair Growth?

Platelets are growth factors that promote cell regeneration, and they are highly concentrated in the PRP treatment. Platelets are part of the blood responsible for healing and growth. The doctor will extract the platelets from the blood leading to a high concentration that is viable for wound healing and tissue restoration. The doctor will inject the platelets deep into the scalp to reach the hair follicles during hair loss recovery. The platelets will then stimulate a specialized population of the dermal papilla cells, which have an important role in hair growth. This therapy should lead to the restoration of hair.

PRP treatment for hair loss mainly treats androgenic alopecia. Hormonal hair loss can affect men and women, which occurs at the top and front of the head. Most women can lose hair in the mid-section of the head. This treatment works better when combined with anti-androgenic drugs.

Why You Should Consider PRP Hair Restoration Therapy

It is non-invasive.

You’ll want to opt for a hair loss procedure that is the least painful, and PRP treatment is less complicated and not painful at all! It does not involve surgery or repeated injections which usually take longer to heal. You can easily get PRP treatment at the doctor’s office and you won’t need an extended recovery time afterward.

The treatment makes your hair growth appear natural.

PRP treatment looks natural as the hair loss will not be detectable. Nobody will know you are undergoing any therapy. Although the injections will have zero to only a few side effects. Bruises on the injection site will heal after treatment.

The treatment treats the hair roots.

PRP treats hair loss from the inside out as it addresses hair loss from its roots. It activates the inactive hair follicles leading to long-term healing. Hair will appear natural as the hair is naturally growing from the follicles.

The treatment offers customized results.

PRP offers individualized treatment, and you can apply the treatment to specific spots on the head. It offers an optimal aesthetic outcome and is suitable for receding hairlines, hair thinning, and balding. Thus it is designed to address specific hair loss problems.

The treatment is convenient.

PRP therapy has no downtime and does not involve incisions; moreover, it is pain-free, easy to administer, and convenient. You would not need to take time off from your daily life for any recovery time.

The Bottom Line

Hair loss can affect your self-esteem. Fortunately, you can opt for hair restoration procedures like PRP therapy. PRP is minimally invasive and won’t leave bruises on the injection site, making it safe and convenient. Moreover, it uses platelets harvested from your blood and won’t lead to an unanticipated allergic reaction.

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