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Why You Should Use a Third Party Service for Employment Verification When Hiring New Team Members

As you are looking to grow your company, hiring new team members is very important. If you do want to hire someone new to your team, it is important that you hire someone that is experienced, trustworthy, and a reliable team member. One way that you can do this is by completing an employment verification. There are a few reasons why you should engage a third-party service to complete an employment verification when you are going to hire someone new.

Verify Past Employment Experience

The main reason to use a third-party employment verification service is so you can verify their past employment. When you are going to hire someone new, you will spend a lot of time reviewing their application and resume to review their past employment record. As this will be a crucial part of hiring someone new, verifying the information is important. A third-party service will be able to call past employers (with the applicant’s permission) to verify where and when they worked at past employers.

Confirm Applicant is Qualified

Another important part of this process is that you can confirm that the applicant is qualified. Depending on the role that you are hiring for, finding someone that is experienced and knowledgeable is very important. When you can confirm that the applicant held certain positions in the past, it will give you additional comfort that they have the experience that you have discussed with them.

Ensure the Applicant is Honest and Trustworthy

The last thing that you will ever want to do as an employer is hiring someone that you cannot trust. By hiring a third-party service to confirm their experiences, you will know that they have been honest with you about their past. This can give you comfort that they are trustworthy and will be able to help your company further in the future.

Insight into Reason for Leaving Company

You can also use an employment verification service to get more insight into why an employee left a prior employer. While it is natural for people to take on new responsibilities and opportunities in their careers, it is important to understand why they moved on from a past position. When you verify employment, you can also ask whether the candidate is available for rehire with their past employer. If they are not, you will need to work with the candidate to understand why they are not a candidate for rehire. This could give you insight into challenges that the applicant has had in past roles, which could be indicative of overall performance issues.

Why Use a Third-Party Service

When it comes to verifying employment, you could try and handle the process on your own. However, using a third-party service is almost always better for this part of the hiring process. One of the main reasons that you should outsource this service is that it can help ensure that you are in compliance with hiring best practices. There is some sensitivity that comes with completing employment verification and following best practices is important. When you hire someone to handle it for you, you can be assured that they will ask the right questions, which will ensure you get the best information without violating any privacy laws. Using a third-party service will also be helpful as it can free up your internal resources for other tasks.

As you are looking to hire someone new to your team, ensuring that you know what their background and experiences are is very important. One way that you can confirm that your newest hire is experienced and trustworthy is by completing employment verification checks. There are a variety of advantages that come when you engage a third-party service to complete these checks on your new hires.

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