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Why You Should Use Propane in Your Home

Propane, which is also known as LPG or liquefied Petroleum Gas, is becoming commonplace in most modern homes today. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it is also economical and affordable. Using propane is a sure way to reduce pollution caused by carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon monoxide. It is a clean alternative to diesel and gasoline. Propane is also more abundant,and higher production reduces pressure on pricing.

If you would like to get propane services or have propane delivered or installed in your home, check out Pryor Propane to place your order. A good supplier will also detail to you the many uses of propane in your home.

Understanding propane

Propane is a product of the processing of natural gas and crude oil. Most of the propane gas, about 55%, is extracted from natural gas. Natural gas contains 90% methane, 5% propane, and 5% of other gases. At a processing plant, propane is separated from other gases. The rest of the gas comes from petroleum extraction at a refinery.

Propane exists as a gas under normal atmospheric pressure and temperature, and as a liquid under lower temperatures. Suppliers store the propane in liquid form as it is more compact that way, taking up less space. A thousand gallons of gaseous propane can run for a week in a family setting, while the same amount of liquid propane can go even for a decade!

The propane liquid vaporizes instantly upon release from its tank to cooking or heating appliances. Propane is more portable than natural gas. Just like natural gas, however, it is colorless and odorless hence it has an odorant added to it to make it detectable in case it escapes.

Uses of propane for your home

Heating appliances

Heating is perhaps the most common use of propane. Water heaters, fireplaces, furnaces, and other heaters can run on propane gas. Propaneis faster at heating and warming than other modes of heating. When using propane in your fireplace, you do not have to worry about ash and debris.

You can also use propane gas to heat your pool.  Propane heating is faster and more economical than electrical options. You can find a size which suits the needs of your pool.

In the kitchen

From cooking to refrigeration, you can make run your kitchen using propane. With propane, you can easily control your cooking heat. There are also instant off-switches making your kitchen experience safer.

To wash and dry

More people are using propane for washing and drying. With a propane dryer, you can save you about 20% on heating costs.

As a backup source of power

You can use a propane generator as a backup when your lights go out.Find a model which will automatically power your home during a power outage when you are away.

Propane gas is not only safe for your home, it is also economical. With propane, you can save lots of money thanks to faster and more effective heating.

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