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You can’t sell your bike if you haven’t paid your e challan

The traffic police has urged the RTO to end issuance of transfer certificate for vehicles that have unpaid challans associated with them. In case a person has not paid e-challan, transferring ownership of the vehicle once it is successfully sold may not be possible. The traffic police of Maharashtra has requested the RTO (Regional Transport Office) towards keeping a track of the unsettled fines that are related to the vehicles which approach them for availing transfer certificates.

E-challan have been issued in the name of vehicles counting to a number of about three crores have been successfully issued for a number of traffic violations ever since this system got introduced in Maharashtra. As per sources, a mere 34 percent from the grand total of fines have been completely recovered from drivers of vehicles so far. The unpaid amount of fines can be counted to be somewhere around 830 crore rupees.

Current situation

The state traffic police are consistently making efforts towards increasing the speed of recovery of this fine through either sending text messages or calling the motorists or catching the drivers through nakabandi. The state traffic police has decided to resort to strict action taken against defaulters as the fine amount that remains unpaid has been continuously accumulating. Traffic police had asked the Regional Transport Office to check on the pending fines associated with the vehicles prior to awarding them a transfer certificate recently, during a meeting with officials of RTO.

The police would be sending out a list mentioning motorists who are needed to pay larger amounts along with all repeat offenders included. The RTO would be sent a list of all the vehicle owners that are yet to pay their fines. Issuance of transfer certificates or fitness certificates which have to be collected every year through the RTO may be stopped. The motorists would have to clear the pending challans if they wish to sell the vehicle otherwise the certificate for transfer or a fitness certificate will not be issued to such defaulters.


Keeping traffic violations and breaches in check along with curbing road menaces like over-speeding, violation of red light, drunk driving, driving without putting on a seat belt, riding without using a helmet, etc are the objectives of issuing e challan.

One of the many causes that lead to you ending up with the burden of an e challan is driving your vehicle without insurance. Police custody of up to three months or/and penalty of Rs 2000 for the first instance and if this happens for the second time, imprisonment of up to three months or/and penalty of Rs 4000 is charged.

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