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Search For Best Media Monitoring Tools

Social media monitoring tools help to keep a pulse on what’s happening on your social media accounts daily, helps to track every conversation, hashtag and keyword that is most relevant to your business.

What is the monitoring of social media?

It’s nothing but an act that monitors social media for getting relevant information for your business. Information such as relevant hashtags, general Trends that can be applied to your industry, also mentions of your competitor like brand’s mention. It also helps in tracking social metrics keys such as social share of voice and brand awareness.  Measuring ROI and using social media information can also be used for text messaging. You can look for insights and trends after collecting valuable data.

There are many monitoring tools available for social media monitoring that can help you track and identify the data and information. Some monitoring tools like Hootsuite, Google arts, Hootsuite insights which Brandwatch powers, talkwalker, Reddit search, Reputology, Synthesio, Mentionlytics, and Hootsuite RSS Syndicator, Review Trackers, Reviewlnc Netbase, crowd analyzer, Nexalogy, Tweepsmap.

Tips for social media monitoring

It’s important to track your competitors’ conversation about your products, brand, and your competitors. But you should also keep in mind and think beyond your brand for monitoring conversation that can provide a better picture of the overall industry and opportunities for collecting new data to apply for your social listening strategy.

How to set up social media

The first step to set up your social media is to decide what topics to be monitored; then you should set up your stream. The list of topics, username and Keywords that you are likely to monitor will grow and evolve. You can use those tools for tracking streams of each topic.

You should start monitoring certain smaller sets of topics directly linked with your brand, such as your brand handles, brands name, spoke people and key people names, your slogan, products name, your Competitors product, brand name, handles and hashtags, industry Keywords.

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