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Contemporary Design Style And The Essentials To Master It

If you are designing your home from scratch or just renovating it, you will have to find an interior design that suits your taste and lifestyle. There are various options you can explore. However, people with zero interior designing knowledge might find it difficult to design a contemporary living room or bedroom. To help you get started, here are a few tips that will allow you to create a contemporary home design:

01 of 05 Choose contemporary colours

If you want to create a contemporary living room or bedroom, you will have to pay attention to the colours. Colours can hugely influence the appearance of your home interiors. For creating a contemporary interior design, you can use neutral colours like grey, white, beige, black, etc. Many people prefer using just one colour for everything for a balanced home design. However, many people find it boring. You do not have to stick to just one colour. Using a combination of different colours is acceptable as well. Experts often use a combination of three colours in the 60:30:10 ratio for contemporary home decor. This will allow you to create an appealing design. Further, neutral colours form a great backdrop for your bold accent pieces. For instance, a painting with lots of dark colours will look great on a white wall. You can hang a large painting on the wall of your living room and make it the focal point. It will certainly fetch you lots of compliments from your guests and relatives.

02 of 05 Opt for minimalist furniture pieces

Choosing the right furniture pieces for your home design is very crucial. Often people do not think about how the furniture design can affect the look of the room and pick anyone they like. This can ruin the uniformity in the home decor. To complement your contemporary living room or bedroom, always choose minimalist furniture pieces. Contemporary spaces always appear clutter-free and spacious. Choosing light and minimalist furniture pieces helps to make the rooms appear more spacious and airier. Also, choose furniture pieces that have geometric shapes and straight lines. Experts suggest opting for options made of natural materials. You will also have to pay attention to the upholstery. Textured natural fabrics such as silk, wool, linen, cotton, and jute are acceptable.

03 of 05 Pick contemporary textiles

The textiles used in the living room will affect the overall design. Since you have to use clean lines and prioritise simplicity in a contemporary setup, you have to choose textiles that bring in the right patterns, hues, and textures. According to professional designers, you should focus on stripes, neutrals, and geometric prints. Adding them in small amounts will help to add more personality and character to your home interiors without making them appear busy or cluttered. Make sure the options you choose complement the rest of the elements in your home interior design.

04 of 05 Get the right decorative accessories

If you want to make your home interiors appear appealing, you will have to add decor items to the setup. Without a few accent pieces, your home interiors will appear boring. There are various types of decor items available for your home. You can just choose anything you want. It is very important that the decor items you buy follow the theme of your house design. Hence, if you have a contemporary home design, you should choose decor items that complement your contemporary theme. The most commonly used decor items in contemporary space are lamps and artwork. Place a stunning minimalist lamp on your bedside table to accentuate your bedroom and light up the space when required. Similarly, you can hang a large painting with bold colours on a neutral coloured wall for a contrasting effect. Abstract paintings are great for modern homes. If you do not want one large painting, you can hang a few small ones together to create a stunning wall gallery. There are many other contemporary decor items you can choose to add more depth and personality to your contemporary home. Research online if you are not sure about what to choose.

05 of 05 Pay attention to the window treatments

Natural light is very essential for contemporary house designs. This is why many people install large glass windows so that more natural light can enter. Although this is a great idea, it can compromise your privacy. Hence, window treatments are essential. Unfortunately, many people consider window treatments to be trivial. Contrary to that, they are actually quite important for your home design. Besides providing privacy, window treatments will affect your home’s interior design. Many modern homes opt for shutters and blinds because they have a more minimalist look and make the interiors appear more spacious. However, curtains can make any space appear larger as well. Opt for floor-to-ceiling curtains a they make the ceiling appear higher.

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