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Finding a Great Place to Stay in the Heart of Melbourne

Melbourne is every bit the modern cosmopolitan city. It is a vivid, dynamic city that is teeming with activity on all corners. Indeed, it is one of Australia’s premier cities and is strongly associated with major sporting, artistic, and cultural events. If you’re a visitor to the city of Melbourne, find a place to stay that allows easy access to all of the life of the town is essential.

Where Should You Stay?

If you’re a student or young person without much money, staying in Melbourne could prove to be an expensive exercise. There are certainly many hotels to stay at but they can be out of reach financially for young people. This is why it’s best to look for a youth hostel.

Of course, when many people think of youth hostels, they associate them with something that is cheap and not comfortable. The good news is that not all youth hostels are this way. Given the competition in the market, there are some hostels that go the extra step to provide safe, attractive, and comfortable accommodation that is also inexpensive and located in the heart of Melbourne.

What About St. Kilda?

The area of St. Kilda has long been known as a fun place to be in Melbourne. It has attracted new businesses and development in recent years and retains a reputation as a great place for young people. In this context, a youth hostel in St. Kilda is the ideal choice for the traveller on a tight budget.

So what should you look for in a good modern hostel in St. Kilda? Consider the following:

  • Cleanliness and Safety: First and foremost, you should always look for a youth hostel that is well-appointed, is clean, and has a good reputation for being safe. Some modern youth hostels look attractive but retain a good level of pricing for the student or traveller on a budget.
  • Atmosphere: Not all youth hostels are created equally. In days gone by, a hostel might have cut corners when it came to looks and atmosphere but the market now won’t accept that. You should always look for a hostel that has an appealing aesthetic.
  • Facilities: It’s important that hostels don’t cut corners on the facilities they offer. You should always look for a hostel that offers everything needed, including clean kitchen facilities and lounge rooms.
  • Access: One of the most important aspects of a hostel is how easy it is to access everything in the city. If you’re stating in Melbourne, you need to be close to public transport, restaurants, and things to see and do.


If you’re on a budget and you want to stay in St. Kilda, which is in the heart of Melbourne, it’s important to find a youth hostel that offers everything you need. It should be clean, attractive, and close to where you need to go and have all of the modern facilities that you need for a good stay in one of Australia’s most interesting cities.

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