How Do Casinos Get Revenue from Slot Machines?

Slot machines have tens to hundreds of players each day and that is just one machine. So, how much do casinos earn per one slot? Well, it depends on where the slot is located. Most people think about Las Vegas, where the slots are always busy. We’ll take a look at what some numbers say.

Las Vegas Strip Numbers
At the 40 locations in the Strip, a total of 38,434 slots operated and earned a total of around $269,5 million in revenue. When we divide the total revenue with the number of machines, we come to a $7,013 monthly per machine. Let’s divide that by 31 as the number of days and we arrive at $226 per day per machine. So, an average slot in July earned $226 per day. Not bad at all.

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Downtown Las Vegas Numbers
In downtown Las Vegas, a total of 9,187 machines were present in July. These machines brought a total of approximately $34 million in revenue which is around $120 per slot per day around 50% less than on the Strip. It can be deducted that downtown is much less profitable with regards to slot machines.

Atlantic City Numbers
Let’s step outside Las Vegas and move to Atlantic City, another famous gambling site in the US. In August, seven casinos from Atlantic City with 14,602 operating slot machines earned around $166 million which comes to $380 per slot per day, way more than on the Strip. The leading casino is Borgata with $510 per slot per day and next is the Tropicana with $393 per machine per day.

Overall, the Las Vegas Strip has a lot more revenue than Atlantic City but not in slots. In this category, Atlantic City earns a higher percentage per slot than the Las Vegas Strip.

Midwest US Numbers
In Indiana, based on 11 casinos with around $117 million in revenue, a slot machine earns around $250 per day which is also a bit more than Las Vegas Strip.

It is evident that the revenue per slot per day varies according to location but it goes between $120 and $510 in the US casinos.

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