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Top 5 Ways to Get A Window Seat In Your Flight

Flights make for the fastest means of transportation and that’s the reason the number of passengers taking flights every day around the world is increasing day by day. And when we fly to our favourite destination, we all look forward to getting window seats because they offer us grand spectacles of the outside. Those magical clouds passing by and those enthralling aerial views of cities and towns, everything looks mystical when you take a peak from the window of the plane. Isn’t it? But unfortunately, it is not every time we get our favourite window seat. So, here we are for you with the top 5 hacks on how to get a window seat on your flight.

  • Select Your Seat Online

The best and easiest way to get a window seat is to book it when you book your flight ticket online. You can either use the websites and apps of airlines or third-party apps like Goibibo to get your booking done. Once you have selected the flight and filled in all the required details such as name, number, mail ID, etc, you can pick your favourite window seat. However, seats at the front are usually more expensive than the seats at the back.

  • Book at the Time of Web Check-in

Another way to get your window seat on the plane is by selecting and booking your seat at the time of web check-in. Once you have booked your ticket online through an airline ticket booking app, you need to wait until the web check-in window opens for you. It usually opens only a few days before the departure of the flight. Once it is open, you can complete the web check-in process and during that, you can select from the window seats available. If not available, you can also go for aisle or middle seats.

  • Reserve at the Airport

You can also get a window seat at the airport if you haven’t selected it while booking your flight tickets online or even when doing the web check-in. But how? Well, not every passenger who has booked a seat with the airline flies as due to many reasons people cancel their tickets at the last moment just before departure. You can take advantage of that and ask for a window seat at the airport. If available, they will happily provide you with the same.

  • Contact Gate Agents

If you fail to select your seat at the time of booking or web check-in or even you have missed out on booking it at the airport, you can simply contact the gate agents. Tell them about your situation and ask for the seat you are looking for. If any window seat passenger has missed out on his/her flight, the seat will be empty and on request, the gate agents can help you get it. However, you need to check with them constantly. Despite this hack requiring a little bit of hustle, it doesn’t guarantee you a confirmed window seat.

  • Switch With a Fellow Traveller

If nothing works out for you, there is still a last resort to getting a window seat on your flight. And you can do it by requesting your fellow traveller to exchange seats with you. Though there are only a handful of people in the world who would agree to swap seats, you can still give it a try. If successful, you are going to have a happy journey looking outside the bubbles of clouds and the magic of the sky.

If you are already planning to visit somewhere, then wait no further and download an air ticket booking app to book your window seat now. On travel apps like Goibibo, you can select the seat of your choice at the most reasonable prices by getting special discounts and promo offers.

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