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What You Need to Know When Getting an Attorney for Highway Work Zone Accidents

Did you know that work zone accidents are quite common? Highways all over are home to work zone sites and drivers always need to be extra cautious when driving through these areas.

Accidents can easily happen and can cause serious injury or death. If you have been involved in a work zone accident, always speak with a Philadelphia accident lawyer to file a proper claim.

Driver Negligence

The number one reason for work zone accidents is driver negligence. Workers are at very high risk when working in dangerous work zones on the highways, especially since not all drivers take –  the extra precautions needed when driving through these areas.

Reckless behavior such as speeding and distracted driving often causes injury or death to workers. Drivers are supposed to slow down through work zone areas and signs should be visible. But speed isn’t the only factor. Distracted driving such as texting has also increased the number of work zone injuries.

Filing a Claim

If a worker is injured and it was driver negligence, there could be a strong claim. Of course, just like with any personal injury claim, negligence must be proven.

In addition, there needs to be proof that the work zone was set-up properly with the correct signs clearly visible. Also, there must be proof that the worker was taking the necessary safety precautions and wearing protective and reflective gear.

Working with an Attorney

After being injured in a work zone accident, you should always meet with a personal injury attorney to discuss your options. Some workers even have workman’s comp to cover incidents like this since work zone workers have a dangerous job. But all injured workers should consider filing a claim as well.

It is easier to prove negligence in these cases since drivers are expected to drive extra cautiously through these areas, so a strong case is likely, as long as all the laws were being followed by the injured worker.

Filing a personal injury claim against the driver can help you receive money for property damage, medical expenses, fill comp for lost wages and pain and suffering.

Keep in mind there is no official way to determine the amount of damages you could receive after an accident. But your attorney will be able to provide the evidence needed to prove negligence was the cause of the accident leading to your injuries. During your personal injury case, your attorney will do all of the work to gather medical bills and documents that can help them try to calculate just how much in damages you deserve. This amount will not always be awarded, but your attorney will do their best to convince the court that you deserve the full amount and do everything in their power to make sure you are awarded a fair amount.

Edelstein Law

The team at Edelstein Law specializes in personal injury cases. Located in Philadelphia, the personal injury lawyers focus on your case while aggressively fighting for you. While you are recovering from your accident and injuries, the extra stress of receiving the damages you are owed can be a burden. With the help of Edelstein Law, their legal team will take care of your entire case so that you can direct all of your energy on healing!

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