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4 Proven Strategies For Choosing The Best Fleet Cards For Fuel

Whichever the size of an organization, it is critical that you choose the right fuel card for your fleet. An excellent fuel card should be able to meet the demands of your fleets fuelling requirements and size.

Besides, with advantages such as discounts, rewards, and detailed reporting, a sound fuel card can assist fleet managers to save the company a lot of time and money.

Read on to discover the strategies you should employ to ensure you get the best fleet cards for fuel.

  • Card Acceptability

While applying for a fuel card for your company, it is essential to find out what geographical area it covers. Confirming such details is critical because there are cards that won’t work out of certain locations.

Limiting cards can prove to be an uphill task for drivers who have to work away from the cover range.

You will have to think critically about the locations you operate in because if your potential card doesn’t cover your geographical area, your drivers will end up wasting a lot of time looking for more convenient locations. In the long run, you lose the money you wanted to save by choosing the fuel card.

  • Reporting Tool And Integrated Invoices

The difference between general credit cards and fleet cards is that general credit cards will not give as detailed reports as fuel cards will. A good card will make sure that you have apparent information on how its targets are using it.

For example, it will give you information on the driver, the amount of fuel purchased, and for what cost, how many times the card is used in a day, etc.

For purposes of invoicing, ensure that your card can consolidate all invoices into one central program. A primary program dramatically increases the efficiency of your fleet managers as they don’t have to put too much time into administrative duties.

  • Discounts And Savings

Before you commit to using a particular fuel card, ensure that you can get discounts from it. An excellent card should allow you to save on fuel costs. You should, therefore, ask your provider if your card will offer you a chance to pay for fuel at wholesale prices rather than retail price. Besides, it’s a form of reward for bringing in so much business.

Also, don’t forget whether any hidden charges come with using the card. For example, some cards will charge an annual fee, failed payments fees, and payments for physical invoices.

  • Type Of Fleet Accessing Cover

Take stock of your fleet. Do you have a small fleet, medium, or large fleet? Is it necessary for you to have a fleet card for fuel?

If your business is still small and you are using only two vans in a small working area, then a fleet card for fuel may not be the best option for you. However, if you are positive about having a fuel card, then start looking and find the best choice for your enterprise.

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