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Advantages of Robotic Knee Replacement

Your knee is a necessary part of your body. It helps you stand, sit, and run. If your knee gets injured, you may probably require knee-replacement surgery. The term “surgery” can cause fear in many hearts because traditional methods of knee surgeries often involve cuts, swelling, and a lot of blood loss. Thankfully, a new, improved method has been introduced known as robotic knee replacement. 

Houston robotics-assisted knee replacement is similar to the traditional method, but the difference is that the procedure is done with the assistance of a robotic arm. This robotic arm helps in precision and can result in quicker recovery time and better results. Keep reading to find out the various advantages of robotic knee replacement. 

Advantages of robotic knee replacement 

  1. Greater Precision

Humans may make mistakes, but robotic arms do not. The use of robotic arms allows more precision in the procedure as it targets moving only the affected tissues while the healthy ones stay untouched. Robotics completes the surgery with more accuracy, and thus, the chances of putting the patient at risk are low. Knee implant placement with the help of robotics helps create less friction for the new joint and results in fewer complications. 

  1. Accurate pre-surgical planning

Every patient is different and has varying requirements. Depending on what is suitable for you, your doctor creates 3D images to plan the surgery according to your unique anatomy. It enables the robotic arm to place the implant in your knee accurately. 

  1. Natural feeling results 

Since robotic knee replacement involves using a robotic arm, implant placements in your knee are accurately aligned and positioned to give you an experience of natural-feeling joint replacement. The 3D software allows your surgeon to design your surgery in advance, which rules out the possibility of errors and provides you with the perfect alignment. 

  1. Faster recovery 

Unlike the traditional method, robotic knee replacement is minimally invasive. Thus, the process is done with fewer cuts and blood loss, making the recovery process much more manageable. As the procedure is done with great precision, the surrounding bones and tissues remain untouched and unaffected. All of these factors contribute to healing the patient faster and enabling them to go back to their normal life quickly.

  1. Clinically proven 

Some people may doubt the legitimacy of this procedure as it involves robots handling your body. However, worry not as this method has been clinically proven safe and is currently used by doctors worldwide. This operation was tested multiple times and verified before it was allowed to be done to patients. 

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