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Do You Know that Chiropractors Can Treat Your Headaches, Too?

It is said that about nine out of 10 adults suffer from some headaches. Some experience occasional mild headaches, while others experience effects so severe it makes them bedridden and unproductive. Usually, we reach for pills or lie down on the bed to ease that painful headache. But do you know that your friendly chiropractor in Murray can help provide relief from headaches?

Common causes of headaches

There are various reasons why headaches occur. Whatever that reason is, headaches can be debilitating and affect your productivity. One known cause of headaches is stress. There are those moments that you feel overwhelmed, confused, or even angry about what is happening to your life. Such situations can affect your overall brain function, hence leading to headaches.

Other common culprits of headaches can be due to a lack of sleep, excessive alcohol intake, or eating unhealthy food. Poor body posture, high blood sugar levels, and certain medical conditions can also cause headaches. There are different types of headaches:

  1. Tension headache

This is one of the most common headaches. It is usually triggered by muscle tension as a result of a fixed body position for hours. Over-the-counter medication, including acetaminophen or ibuprofen, can help ease headaches.

  1. Migraine

This can be similar to the usual headaches, only worse. People who suffer from migraines experience nausea and dizziness, which can also be debilitating.

  1. Cervicogenic headache

This kind of headaches starts typically with a feeling of pain at the back of your head and then radiates on your entire head, shoulders, and arms. Such kinds of headaches can be due to a neck or spinal injury.

How can chiropractors help?

A lot of people do not realize that chiropractors can help in easing your headaches. He or she can perform spinal adjustments that can help in relieving stress on certain parts of your body. You might also be advised to undergo specific exercises for your joints and muscles under the supervision of a chiropractor or a medical professional.

For migraines, a chiropractor can also perform massage therapy. A neuromuscular massage will focus on common trigger spots such as the neck, shoulder, back, and head. The chiropractor will also advise patients to change their diet and lifestyle as necessary. Likewise, you might also have to pay attention to your posture and do headache-relieving exercises.

Other ways to manage headaches

Aside from seeking professional help from chiropractors, you can do the following things to achieve relief from headaches:

  • Take time to relax and avoid drowning yourself in your work.
  • Choose a mattress that not only improves your posture but also provides quality sleep.
  • Have regular exercise and stretching routines to help ease muscle pains and headaches.
  • Pay attention to your posture. Invest in an ergonomic chair, especially if your work involves sitting for hours. Lessen slouching as much as possible and remember the “stomach in, chest out” posture when we stand or walk.

Headaches can affect our productivity, which is why we should not take it for granted. There are ways to manage your headache so that you can push yourself and do better throughout the day.

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